That’s Gangsta!

eazy_e_a.jpgRemember the days of yore when songs about smoking the pigs were all the rage? Criminals Wanted takes a jaunt down memory lane to recount some of the most bad-ass Rap songs that would deign to challenge the police to a showdown. The list features anti-cop classics by the likes of Eazy-E, Ice T, and Ice Cube, with an offering by (Mr. Conscious himself) Nas. We recognize that a lot of these songs gave way to some of the most unimaginative and abhorrent Hip Hop in recent years, mainly due to lesser artists chasing trends, dollars, and generally acting a fool for GP, but these tracks are classics. It's a list we would've done if we wanted to completely polarize our audience. If we had done it, however, we would've included J Dilla's "F*ck the Police," because any opportunity to invoke his name is a worthwhile one indeed. [CW / DIGG]

J Dilla: "F*ck The Police"

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1 Response

  1. "Now tell me who protects me from you?
    I got people who buy teks and weed from you"

    This song always makes me want to throw a trash can through a window.