Video: Noel Gourdin’s ‘The River’

Noel Gourdin has been on my radar for a while now--since early 2007, to be exact, when I first heard his song "The River." I listened to the promo copy of the single and was immediately drawn to his vintage organic sound. But despite my introduction to his music last year, only recently has "The River" gotten a major push from his record company in anticipation of his debut album coming later this summer. I had an opportunity to speak with him recently (keep it locked right here for the interview), and I'm happy to see him finally getting his due. However, I'm even more excited to see the video for the track. Although I would have preferred a more literal interpretation of the song, instead of a video filled with cityscapes that have nothing to do with it, it's great to see Noel in action. 


2 Responses

  1. Good to see an adult mail singing real R&B since they've all but become extinct... I just posted this on the freehiphopnow blog. Think Tank is mad late with this, since yall already posted this 2 days ago.. Geez...

  2. I love the video!!! I will be getting that album on July 22