#29: Guy ‘Piece Of My Love’

What did Aaron Hall just say? If you are anything like me, then back in 1988 you may have found yourself asking that very question the first time you heard "Piece Of My Love" from Guy's debut album, Guy. The New Jack Swinging trio of Teddy Riley, Aaron Hall and Damion Hall had many a person pressing the rewind button on our cassette decks to make sure that we heard what we thought we heard. Because surely he didn't just call this woman who he was trying to do the nasty with a "dumb b*tch." Only he did!

"Piece Of My Love" has got to be one of the crudest slow jams ever, but that's part of its appeal. Even without that profanity from Hall, it stands out for its in your face content. Aaron was straight up with his when he sang: "Baby, you can't have all of me, 'cause I'm not totally free." In other words, the whole belonged to another, but she could have a piece. And we all know what piece she could have. Trifling? Yes, but at least he was honest. "Piece Of My Love" was never released as a single, but it was one of the tightest cuts on Guy and remains a guilty pleasure 20 years later.

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  1. I've been listening to this song for twenty years and have yet to hear him say dumb "bitch". I think people are co-signing on that without actually hearing it for themselves. He does say Dumb"????"Baby, I just don't think that inaudible part = Bitch.

  2. I don't care what the hell he may or may not have said....
    All I know is THIS IS MY JAMMMMM!
    Judging by its farily high placement on the countdown, I'm not alone 🙂

  3. LOL @ nOva.
    Love this song. And yeah, he said it. Trust me, I was one of the one that popped my cassette rewinding it to make sure he said it. Aaron was all sorts of wrong for that. But the song is tight.
    GO SoulBounce! 🙂

  4. This entire album was a classic, takes me back to when brothers actually made good music.

  5. I think it's pretty safe to say that did not miss hear what was said. It's been all but confirm. Looped & sampled(during the Ice Cube/NWA beef), but not confirmed.

  6. lmao. i never heard Aaron say that on this song! i gotta go take a listen. i have the remastered version that came out last year (i think) so it should be extra clear.
    you guys should do a post on all the weird utterances made on R&B songs, like Faith Evans infamous "fucking up" mumbling at the end of "Come Over." i know somebody feels me on this . . .

  7. This is the cut!
    Me and my friends debated the "dumb bitch" part for YEARS!! I knew he said it...them, not so much...
    Wait until I send them this page...

  8. First - this is my isht!!!!! Second on to the debate that has been going on since '88. I too rewound my tape countless times to hear him say what I decided that he definitely did say at that time. But some years later when he was releaseing his solo album he was on MTV or BET or somehting and the interviewer asked him about if that was what he was saying and he was like hunh? He seemed as if he'd never even heard that before and he said that he said (oh, oh baby - or something to that effect remember this was years ago, lol) so they went into the studio and put the song on in slow version or something and it sounded exactly like what he said...ever since then I don't heard the dumb B words anymore I heard oh baby baby or whatever...the funny thing is NO ONE (at least no one I know) has even seen this clip whenever I tell this there has never been anyone else who was like yeah I saw that, lol but listen again to the song and try to hear oh oh baby or oh baby baby instead of trying to hear dumb b and tell me what you think...

  9. Avatar

    100 % Classic..Teddy is Top Ten producer of all time
    And Aaron sang the hell out this joint