#32: Bobby Womack ‘If You Think You’re Lonely Now’

bobby_womack_the_poet.jpgI want to dedicate this song to all the lovers tonight...

So starts Bobby Womack's hit slow jam, "If You Think You're Lonely Now." This song has all of the ingredients for a hearty helping of classic soul love gumbo. Spoken intro? Check. Preaching and testifying? Check. A good beat you can slow drag to? Check. Lyrics about a lost love? Double check. But this isn't your typical "please, baby, please" love song. Oh no, my brother, you have to find another song for all that mushy stuff. Instead, Womack goes hard on "If You Think You're Lonely Now." The former gospel singer admonishes his ungrateful former lover that if she is feeling alone in the daytime, then just wait until night falls and she rolls over onto cold sheets instead of a warm body. Well! 

Found on his 1981 release, The Poet, "If You Think You're Lonely Now" is the album's most notable track. A staple on Quiet Storm playlists, I actually rediscovered this song after K-Ci of Jodeci fame remade it in 1994 for the film Jason's Lyric. He sang a damn good rendition complete with his signature "Baby, yeah" ad libs, but Bobby has the definitive version on lock. Let the church say amen.

Bobby Womack: "If You Think You're Lonely Now"

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  1. God forgive me but I actually like K-ci's version better:)

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    Love this man. If you love his music, check out his autobiography self titled "Midnight Mover", you can order it on Amazon. I just finished reading it last week, it was an amazing ride following the life and times of Bobby Womack. Sadly people get hung up on that one song, and that's it for them. Bobby has so many great songs...too many to name. "If You Think Your Lonely Now" is just one of many songs...but if you love that, you would definiteley like : Games, One More Chance On Love, Fly Me To The Moon, I Can't Take It Like A Man, How I Miss You Baby, Woman's Gotta Have It, I'm Through Proving My Love To You, Doing It My Way, And I Love Her, Fact Of Life/ He'll Be There.., Harry Hippy, 110th St, Point Of No Return, More Than I Can Stand, Thank You, No Matter How High I Get, When Friendship Ends, Caught In The Middle, Got To Be With You Tonight, Let Me Kiss It Where It Hurts......just too damn many good songs! I do love Bobby Womack so much. He music reaches into my soul and comforts me like a good soup and a comfortable bed.

  3. as a testament to the artistry of bobby womack.. at a time when many classic soul artists were trying to adapt to new music trends bobby womack was able to create the soulful masterpiece 'if you think you're lonely now'

  4. He doesn't get sufficient credit. His work doesn't seem to become dated, it exists in its own time; he's his own man.

  5. Jesus! This is quintessential soul music! And I love the Jodeci Brothers version too. Thanks for this 🙂

  6. AMEN! My dad put me on to this great song. I was listening to the Jodeci version and he said Whoever this is alright but he aint got nothing on Bobby Womack. I said who is Bobby Womack and my dad told me all about him. When I heard Bobby's version I hated to admit it but my dad was right. Thanks Daddy for teaching me about good music early!

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    Gotta Co-Sighn Stoney..Here's another blaspehmy coming from a Stevie Wonder Stan...I like Joedeci's live version of lately better than Stevies.... Sike : )

  8. Can't tell you how much my dad stans this mans music!And the trademark shades, yes Diddy there was someone before you!

  9. The list has been looking good so far. I was like you guys and really only found this track after hearing K-Ci do it. This versions better though! If you've never heard K-Ci's version, here's K-Ci - If You Think You're Lonely Now

  10. Thanks for remembering Bobby!!! He has a lot of great songs but is slept on a lot!!!