Behind the Groove with Calvin Richardson

Remember a time when you could turn on the radio and actually hear real singing at any time of day on most stations? Sadly, those days are gone thanks to corporate greed and general public apathy. But thankfully there are still true artists who exist to bring good music back to the forefront by any means necessary. One such artist who is trying to bring singing back is Calvin Richardson. He has returned to the music scene after a five-year break with a new album and a new outlook but with the same soulful sound you remember.

Calvin released his latest album, When Love Comes, this past May and it marked his debut on independent label Shanachie Records after years of bouncing around on the majors. His time away from the music scene served him well because he returned with a solid offering with When Love Comes. His Southern-fried swagger is intact alongside his gospel choir-ready voice on the disc.

In this edition of Behind the Groove, Calvin Richardson discusses leaving the major labels behind, tells me why his album needs to be in everyone's collection, shares his desire to make soul music commercial again and gives advice to aspiring artists (hint: don't give up and give him a holla).

Behind the Groove with Calvin Richardson

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Music from When Love Comes played during the interview: "Sang No More" and "Sexy Love.

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3 Responses

  1. I feel so lucky to give the first comment about Mr.Calvin (soul prince) Richardson.. He was an artist that was slept on but we waited on him, but you know he was worth the wait. He has so many songs that incorporate my way of living everyday I wake I thank GOD and breath my teeth and pop his Cd in to get my day started. He voice is incredible and very soothing. There a lot of R n B singers out here but know one sangs with with as much heart and soul the he brings to the table. I one of his biggest fans and I respect what he does. And if you are keep him going in your players and in your heart..One love toy a Calvin MUCH success to you. Your #1 fan....Mz.Itiswhatitis P.S. I coming to get my love

  2. He's great. He performed on the morning show I work on here in Charlotte. Very nice guy. He should be bigger than what he is.

  3. Can I campaign for his song "More Than a Woman" (with or without Angie Stone) to be included in the Top 100 R&B Songs (or get a honorable