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I was put on to the female group PulL a few months ago, just after the release of their single "Don't Compare to You."  I was looking for the right time to feature them here on SB, and this week seemed like the perfect time. So here they are, Tiffany and Serena, straight out of New York by way of the Fiorello LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts as well as different high profile appearances, including being a featured act on the NBA's Rhythm N Rims tour and being picked to sing the national anthem at both the MCI Center in Washington, DC and Madison Square Garden. Also, if you were a fan of the UPN hit show Half & Half, the ladies may look and sound familiar. They were the ones featured in the 2005 episode of the sitcom as finalists in the fictitious Fast Track competition with their single "To Love You Again," and were actually picked as winners by none other than Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

Now it's their time to shine, with an album on the way in the near future and strong R&B vocals that remind you of the '90s group Changing Faces, only with a richer, more refined sound. The ladies, who recently formed their own indie label called AMR Entertainment, describe themselves as an "urban alternative," and ask that you "take a deep breath and inhale slowly...feel a musical high like no other."  We ask that you take a listen to the tracks below, including the aforementioned "Love," "Ain't No Other Luv" and their current single, "Don't Compare to You," and let us know what you think of the R&B duo with the hip-hop edge. Go on, take a PulL.

PulL: "Ain't No Other Luv"

PulL: "To Love You Again"

PulL: "Don't Compare to You"

PulL [MySpace]

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13 Responses

  1. Solid effort. "To Love You Again" is the standout of the 3 tracks. Nothing groundbreaking, but solid music.

  2. Dunno bout this! ..... Definitely solid tracks, and the duo definitely have good voices, but .....?
    Is it just me or do they kinda sound (a little bit) like Brandy??

  3. These two girls are Fire. R&B is whack right now in the female duo. I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

  4. They hot! Too often I hear artists who can't cut it vocally. They sound official to me not to mention I've seen them live at Canal Room as well as Ashford and Simpson's Sugar Bar. Live they crrrrrazy! I wasn't aware that they r doin the behind the scenes stuff as well. I feel like sayin "Oh gee what do u girls DON'T do!?!?!?" I remember on the Half and Half show Jam and Lewis was sweatin them. I can see them makin a major splash some time soon. That would be hot. I LOVE real singers. Thanx for this article because I look for stuff of them often.

  5. I LOVE PulL!!! Don't Compare to You is hot! Do you know if they're gonna be on tour anytime soon?

  6. Absolutely killer! These girls sound awesome. They are a welcome sound at a time when absolute crap is being played off as music. They're bringing back some integrity. Can't wait for the record!

  7. Tracks are hot. Keep up the good work cuz! When is the album dropping?

  8. Solid work here.Beutiful voices,compare to you is the best of the 3.The ballad sounds sincere and would make a great video

  9. HOT!

  10. I agree with Soul UK....although they sound and look are great, their sound is not original. It is reminiscent of Brandy.

  11. Love! Love! the song. You ladies are great! There's no stopping you.
    Keep up the good WorK!!!!

  12. Avatar

    Remembering the beginning and loving you guys still. I can't wait for you big day. LAG Baby

  13. We just wanted to say Thank You to eveyone who left a comment.... Loving the Brandy comparisons, She's a great singer and has been a big influence throught our career. We're in the lab finishing up the album. But the single 'Don't Compare to You' is on iTunes NOW. 'To Love You Again' will be available soon on iTunes so check the mysapce for updates.
    Yah girlz Tiffany & Serena
    PULL..."Because music is a high"