Can Tank & Donell Jones Keep Grown Man R&B Alive?

tank-donell.jpgWhen it comes to big R&B male soloists, who's worth a damn? R. Kelly? Nope! Because he's lecherous, creatively-repetitive and thinks he's a rapper. Maxwell? Maybe, if he stops putting us through this slow Chinese water-torture. Usher, to be fair, seems to have the right idea, but there needs to be a discourse about how he's still dipping into the kiddie pool with some of his sounds. So we look to the Second Tier of acts that have brushed against mainstream accessibility and are hella talented, yet continue to be slept on for reasons varied yet mysterious. Your Carl Thomases and Joes and others of that ilk. Are they associated with big acts and have dense catalogues and accomplishments? To be sure. But it's hard for them to thrive commercially because they're old.

I mean that in the nicest way. It's getting tougher for cats over 30 to connect with such fickle and progressively brain-dead audiences. Our attention spans get shorter and shorter because we want instant gratification instead of a slow burn. We want things like charts and sales to quantify an artist's work before we make our decisions based not on popularity, but our own innate sensibilities. These leaks from Tank and Donell Jones, although not spectacular, are a definite reprieve from what the masses are conditioned by. They don't smack you in the face with producer drops and auto-tune and whatever else came into ubiquity in recent years.

More than that, does there need to be a discussion on how much we really lost when Luther and Gerald passed? It's almost like they took an entire genre of music with them! Thoughts?

Tank: "How Can I Live"

Donell Jones: "Don't Trip"

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  1. Come on you mentioned a lot of cats who couldnt carry Anthony Hamiltons luggage! Dave Hollister even though he is doing gospel is still the man as far my money goes..................

  2. Dave Hollister is that dude *sigh*. This post was on point though.We miss you Luther! 🙁 and real singing R&B and not about all that bumping and grinding even thought there were some good bumping and grinding songs!

  3. Don't forget about Eric Benet. He doesn't nearly get the props he deserves. I don't know about Tank, but Donell Jones(even though I enjoy his music) is not a good live singer. I've seen him multiple times and he always sounds out of breath. Eric actually sounds better than his records! Check for his new cd, Love & Life on Sept 9!

  4. I agree that R&B is not what it use to be. But as you stated there is still hope by way of the acts you mentioned. However I'd like to add to that short list with:
    Anthony Hamilton
    Calvin Richardson
    Brian McKnight
    Eric Benet
    Raheem DeVaughn

  5. i am feeling the post and we need more real r&B ...thant what 710muzic is working on and check out our first real R&B SINGER SHAUN H> MYKALS
    im not saying he going to save male R&B but he will help keep it alive....

  6. Can Tank & Donell Jones Keep Grown Man R&B Alive?
    Right now it's all about Dwele and Noel Gourdin.
    Dwele's Sketches of a Man and Noel's After My Time are two hot summer albums -- perfect for those warm romantic nights. They are both keeping the grown-and-sexy R&B alive.

  7. Video Killed the Radio Star!! Remember when it didn't matter if you could dance or have a six pack. Now you have back to flip, oil up and sing nursery rhymes for BET and Clear Channel Communications to put your music into rotation. Everything is marketed to teens & young adults, who have little to no concept of quality, and no intention of honestly purchasing anything. **Remembering how R&B and Hip-Hop used to be.**

  8. I've been saying this for over a year now...WHERE ARE THE THICK BLACK CROONERS to carry the torch that Luther and Gerald left behind? Don't get it twisted, there are some great singers out there but they aren't getting the spins and the love they deserve.
    But it starts here...
    And I cannot believe this many comments surfaced and Butta didn't pitch a fit about ERRO not being on the above list 😉

  9. @Fave: A lot of folks ended up being named, but I'm sorry, as far as (1) torch-carrying and who's (2) out know that isn't (3)12 or (4)12-looking or (5)12-sounding and (6)is a BIG name, there's no one. I stan for Dwele and Erro but there are still people who don't know who they are and couldn't care less. Indie, underground and under-the-radar is the LAST vestige of talented grown men singing to a grown audience about grown shit. And as nice as A. Hamilton is, I don't know many sistas that say "I want a man that can SANG to me" and think of him. They thinking along the lines of a Joe or a Maxwell or a Luther.

  10. the Tank track is hot, Hot, Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HOT, HOT, HOT it makes me want to hear more from him.

  11. I think that R&B has been missing from the music scene even before Luther or Gerald passed away. Lets be truthful, how many folks under the age of 40 was actually even purchasing Luther and Gerald LeVert albums over the last few years? They had a definite following of old heads that still loved them, but they never really converted any new fans. Either you liked them, or you didn't.
    Music has become more of a melting pot these days. It's harder to categorize artists and music, so everything seems muddy. Personally, I am just looking for good music, no matter what genre it falls in.
    I also think the genre of R&B has died a slow death like Disco.

  12. Tank can... donell jones needs to hang it up
    he never had the best vocals anyway

  13. the donell jones track is tight. its sounds kinda 90's. and of course the tank track is on point.