Grace Jones Returns With Bizarre New Video

Grace Jones is back, y'all! Now, now, wipe those vacant, blank stares off of your faces and save them until after you watch her new video. Personally, I watched Gracie in "Corporate Cannibal" with my head cocked to the side like "WTF am I looking at?" Ms. Jones sings that she is "a man-eating machine" during the six-minute, black and white video that simply features her head and upper body and some wacked-out editing tricks. To put it not-so-nicely, this video is Crazy. Deranged. Watching it made me downright uncomfortable. I don't know if this first single is representative of what's to come on Grace's upcoming release this fall, but I'm afraid, very afraid. Shouts to young Kid Fury for the heads up on this madness. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pray now.

Be sure to check out another classic Grace Jones moment after the bounce.

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15 Responses

  1. OMG.... BRILLIANT... BRAVO!!! Very Massive Attack sounding... Cant wait for the CD!

  2. Strangely enough, I'm digging it. Do I really know what the song means? Hell to the no. Will I ever fully understand the lyrics? Probably not. But from a visual level, I have to give it props for at least being as captivating as it is disturbing.
    If we can give props to J*Davey, Missy Elliott, Bjork and Gnarls Barkley for their bizarre videos, surely we can give some to Grace, who, despite having a limited singing voice, helped pave the way for them.

  3. Grace Jones is true art!!!! Madonna has been stealing Grace's steez' (and everybody else's) for years.

  4. Yeaazzzzzz!!! It's dark.. wicked n sick with it... i'm a mannnnn eattting machineeee... yeaazzzzz

  5. Grace.Jones?Oh I'm just too damn excited for words

  6. Grace is hands-down, one of the most cutting edge artists to ever emerge out the early 80's and was just as groundbreaking and revolutionary as David Bowie was during that time. She is ageless, genre-defying, and always current. I love her! And this video proves that Grace will never fall off, just take breaks. It's so reminiscent of Massive Attack and Radiohead and everything that's great about post-apocolyptic-sounding rock-influenced riddims.

  7. This some ole' spooky azz ish! I tried dancing to this song, but I couldn't seem to catch the beat for some reason.
    The next time one of my little cousins start acting up, instead of reaching for a belt, I plan on making them watch this video. That'll teach them??

  8. some of the names already mentioned (massive attack, bjork, radiohead) all came to mind, but even weirder electronic acts like aphex twin and autechre were conjured up when i heard the new track.
    if NERD can make a drum n bass track (spazz) then why can't grace try some weird trip hop/ambient type stuff?
    i think it's great, and if she gets some good remix artists involved, i think this is a track that could really take off in europe (but since there is no choreographed dance in the video, it is doomed to failure in the US).

  9. John Murph: Grace Jones did not pave the way for Bjork. Bjork paved the way for Bjork. She has been making music longer than Grace, also. She's been on the music tip since she was 11, solo and in numerous Icelandic groups.

  10. Mad as a sack of badgers.
    She makes me laugh,
    everyone looks a little pale next to her.
    I love that woman. Period.

  11. I LOVE IT! Release date, please?!

  12. Grace Jones sounds good and I give the song a 7, maybe 8, but I think whoever came up with the idea for this video IS NOT WELL.

  13. Quite a good portrayal of the mindset of our African "Muti Murderers and Serial Rapists" out here. Must have gleaned some experience when In Moçambique and RSA!!!!!