GZA Disses 50 Cent and Still We Ask ‘Who Cares?’

sideeye_gza.jpgWhile this is not me in the picture above, it certainly expressed how I feel about GZA's latest track "Paper Plate," which is a dis record of sorts aimed towards that bastion of all that is indecent and improper about hip hop today, 50 Cent. I mean the last portion of the previous sentence in complete jest. What I crave to understand about "aging hip hoppers" (Soulja Boy's sentiment, not mine) is why is it so important to dis someone who you absolutely know cannot hold a flame to you in the lyrics department? Wouldn't it be so much more creative and simply better to just come out with some material that you know is just dope? Aren't you validating those who are worse than you lyrically by feeding their flame of hateration? Yes, GZA, you are. And by the way, while I love you and the Wu-Tang Clan like play cousins, it is entirely possible to rhyme over a beat that does not always have to sound like it was a throwaway Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) track. You're better than that. I'm just saying.

GZA: "Paper Plate"

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3 Responses

  1. The GZA is doing what EVERY REAL MC should be doing night now. calling out all these Pop star "rappers" crushing them, and taking mainstream rap back BY FORCE.

  2. Though I agree with this article, I still feel 50 deserves it. I mean, when he decides to "get at" someone (whenever he's preparing to drop an album, obviously) everyone quickly jumps on the "We Love 50" bandwagon. Regardless of how ridiculously cheap the beat is on this track, GZA totally owned 50, and I'm glad you pointed that out!

  3. Black on Black crime has to stop. This crab barrel mentality is holding us back a s a people. Let 50 do 50, let GZA do GZA, why cant one brother be happy for another brother? damn.


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