In Which Pretty Ricky Defiles a Classic for the ‘Tween Set

Not for nothing, but I can't stand Pretty Ricky's wicked little tails. But then, I'm not supposed to because I'm 28-years-old, male, and have all my wits about me. They are releasing their THIRD album and it's called Eighties Babies (I'm insulted) and their first video is for a remake of H-Town's "Knockin' Boots." At the risk of being completely crass, this is gayer than a Maltese puppy in thigh-highs swinging off a disco ball, and it caused my side-eye to attend anger management classes, alone. Now we can all submit that anything by H-Town barely rose to the standard of Jodeci, or perhaps even Silk, but I don't recall them ever being this sleazy or corny. Pretty Ricky is a damn good reason to rush to the clinic and make sure you haven't contracted The Clap in your eyes and ears. Lock your daughters up until they're 21!

If you're ready to witness a post-New Jack classic being dragged kicking and screaming into the depths of Hell, press play. But don't say I didn't warn you.

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  1. These fools even had the gaul to change the words... rolling my eyes at "listenin' to some Puurty Rickay, all night long.

  2. I laughed till I had tears at your commentary Nova..LMAO. Yes, not so Pretty Ricky makes me shame to say I'm from Miami.

  3. albeit a somewhat perverse rendition, it wasn't as bad as expected.
    dude's vocals, generally, weren't bad at all -- actually mildly impressive.
    that said, i could've done without the subpar rapping, ubiquitous gyrating and shirtlessness and general acts of unadulterated foolishness.
    i'll stick with gi, shazam and dino's version.

  4. I actually think the video has more merit than the cover. I think the boldness of the queer images is revolutionary. Just by design, this video is direct and straightforward. These boys know exactly what they are doing. This video is for gay men, the ball kids. This could have potentially been career suicide, and instead I think they are being talked about more seriously than they would otherwise. I think the images in this video are worth celebrating as a nice complication of the usual images of black masculinity.
    But yea, the cover itself is an abomination.

  5. If Dino wasn't already dead, this would kill him.

  6. A travesty of the worst kind................................

  7. Just watched the video.......just finished throwing up...nothing more gay then dudes trying to be sexy and wearing eye liner:) pretty ricky is officially the gayest group in the solar system, even the gay martians on Neptune are saying "damn these cats are REALLLLLY GAY" 🙂

  8. modern day foolishness at its finest packaged and delivered to us as 'R&B'

  9. Strippers with a record deal.

  10. my only other exposure to these cats was that viral vid of the teen boys emulating them by humping furniture together.
    I guess I'm pretty out of touch.
    but yeah, this shit is gheytacular.

  11. Yeh, they had a good idea/initiative/concept - but they got it all wrong unfortunately - the production sucked, the vocal arrangements were stale and filmclip is GAY as hell.

  12. lmao@ the gayest group in the solar system.
    I am weeping...hard.
    And its not really because of the song. That lil boy did well, in my opinion, in singing the song. Everything else was a disaster though. Why oh why must they look like monkey doodle fools? They are destroying the definition of sexy, one video at a time. I cannot get with it...but I'm sure I'm not supposed to, since I'm over 15 years of age. I shudder at the thought of who my future daughters will fall in love with. Whose posters will be on their walls? I almost died when my baby cousin said that T-Pain was "hella cute but not as fine as Lil Wayne"...huh? How do we go from Ladies Love Cool lovin' Lil Wayne? I barf at this transition.

  13. Pure fuckery. Who is responsible for this mess?

  14. Somebody who had the rights to the song allowed them to do this crap. Whom ever did it for a quick buck deserves to be fired, then beat with a switch from a tree that's been soaking in hot water.

  15. they ruined a classic. worse then when mario tried to remake keith sweat's "right and a wrong way

  16. I've been hook winked, bamboozled into watching this travesty of a classic when I was in high school!