Michael Jackson & New Edition Help Bring Back… New Kids on the Block?

NKOTB.jpgIn a career-cresting move, it seems a couple of our favorite acts, Michael Jackson and New Edition, will be propping up New Kids on the Block. People, this is so wrong it has to be right! We're not sure of the title of the new NE/NKOTB track, but all one hundred and twenty-five of both group's members (not sure if Bobby was involved, since he has other things to contend with like Usher stealing his career and Whitney being Whitney) jammed into the studio and there were allegedly no fistfights. Disappointing, because if we learned anything from that recent Dru Hill business, a staged altercation can drum up interest in a formerly interesting boy band, for a couple of days at least. The details on the status of the Michael Jackson collab are slim, but both projects seem to be spearheaded by presumptive New Kids leader Donnie Wahlberg, who was killed in one of those Saw movies. [PEOPLE/BOSH]

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  1. Hey, I was a New Kids fan in my former life as a black kid of the suburbs in the '80s ... ROTFL. I'm gonna have to check this out, he he.

  2. I'm kind of ashamed to say it but these dudes all still look good to me...maybe even better than ever. Come on with it New (OLD) Kids.

  3. When Michael finds out these "KIDS" are really grown ass men somebody's gonna be in big trouble:)

  4. The song is called " Full Service". They are not collaborating with MJ. Joey McIntyre was asked about it last week and it's a rumor.
    I would hardly say those two groups are helping bring back NKOTB being that "Summertime" is a top 40 hit, they have 50 US dates on their tour, just announced a European leg, and their album is hitting stores September 9th (or 2nd).
    I think it's the other way around.

  5. Avatar

    The best songs were done by Maurice Starr those were "black" songs. "Please dont go girl" by Joey was the joint.. I also liked Jordans little carnival song that Jimmy and Terry did for his solo project .

  6. Propping up New Kids on the Block? Hmm, I dunno. They seem to be doing just fine on their own. I would have to say it's more the other way around. Sorry! :T

  7. Uh oh, it looks like someone pissed off a NKOTB fan forum.
    and LOL@stoney

  8. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals in excitement* LOLOLOL

  9. Okay, I guess I'm gonna have to be the first to say it. What's going on with Jordan Knight and that bulge in his pants? Is he dating the photographer?


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