Morning Soul: Burn Some Candles

  • Don't put Janelle Monae in a box. [AHHA]
  • So what does Steve Harvey have to say about the future of Black radio? [BE]
  • Diddy's new Burger King commercial was directed by Spike Lee. What a waste of talent. On Spike Lee's part at least. And I see you, Prezbo! [Coloribus]
  • It's official, Alicia Keys will be singing the next Bond movie theme song. [BB]
  • Ludacris is the first rapper to be inducted into the Georgia Hall of Fame. [HHDX]

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5 Responses

  1. Yeah! How did you ever remember Pru 'Candles' ...I completely forgot about this HAHAHA Wow! That took me back...thanks for that!

  2. Oh you guys are KILLING ME! Why are you raiding my cd closet? I just listened to my Pru record the other day! *screams* LOL. Okay, so it's not that serious, but seriously, I think you guys might be in my head. Now if you post some Dru Hill (more of it) or Sade or Bilal then I might have to get Mulder and Scully after you for drilling into my musical brainposts, alright? LOL.
    Pru also covered a Sade track. I liked her album well, enough. Another Houston/Texas artist representing. 🙂

  3. Love this if you would just post some Adrianna Evans I'd be complete. lol

  4. @ Danielle, GET OUT OF MY COLLECTION! I *heart* Adriana's first album. I think she released another, but I'm not sure. *sings* "Love is all around". Love her, too. 😉

  5. lol @ Madame Z. "Say You Won't" is actually my fave! Adriana has I think four albums. I have two...the other two are imports if I remember correctly.


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