Morning Soul: Infatuation Situation

5 Responses

  1. Not interested in TI/Nelly album how tang is that?
    I can't choose between Mint Condition and Tony Toni Tone' don't make me chose!

  2. Tony, Toni, Tone hands down, no question about it.

  3. Well, after the cover of Monica's last album with nothing to keep her puppies warm other than a less-than-generous amount of rope, I guess the only way to go is up on the class-o-meter! I wish they would photoshop that pole and turn it into a lamp post, streetlights, or something. Then the picture would say "girl next door" instead "slightly classy wh--e." On the serious tip, though, I'm really rooting for Monica. She has such a beautiful voice and her last album wasn't bad at all, in my opinion. Maybe a bit too "trendy," but...
    Memo to SoulBounce: never mention Christina Aguilera's name in my presence unless you want a smack-down. I can't stand her. Chick sounds like she's having a baby, dying, or taking a crap everytime she opens her mouth and then people call her "soulful." Psh.

  4. That mystery rapper is either Soulja Boy or Lil Wayne. *rollin eyes*
    Monica on a pole? I blame Beyonce.
    Tony Toni Tone hands down. I'm an Oakland baby. What can I say?

  5. How did I miss Laurnea? ***claps hands excitedly***