Morning Soul: You Did What?

  • Natalie Cole has Hepatitis C, possibly contracted from years of drug abuse. Insert sad face here. [IT]
  • Catch up on the Kanye West Ghost-Blogger Saga. [ID]
  • Earth, Wind & Fire has three new releases on the horizon. [BB]
  • Akon's trial for tossing that dude off the concert stage last year has been delayed. No word on when he'll be brought up on charges for continued ear pollution, though. [SP]
  • Chuck Phillips, the hack writer who wrote that sensational and ultimately untrue story implicating Diddy and the Notorious B.I.G. in Tupac's murder, got laid off from his job at the Los Angeles Times. [VH1]
  • Timbaland is on deck to produce Jay-Z's next album in its entirety. [MTV]

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1 Response

  1. Sad to hear that Hepatitis C. While its enticing to get on the bandwagon of chastising her, considering her mean-spirited and condescending comments toward Amy Winehouse's swept at last year's Grammys, let's not forgot that diseases such as this is no laughing matter, regardless of who got it and how they got it.