Morning Soul: Shabba!

  • Early reviews are saying that John Legend's Evolver is "definitely not going to be your average R&B album." [TRU]
  • Tony Rich is now part of the Hidden Beach family of artists. [HBR]
  • Scott Storch is among the thousands of Americans facing foreclosure but not because of predatory lending. [SSU]
  • Timbaland has a who's who from pop music on tap for Shock Value 2. [MTV]
  • Mariah Carey is planning an elaborate tour where she will charge a lot of money to have people come see her lip sync. [People]
  • And in today's obligatory Diddy news, he is allegedly engaged to Cassie. Wonder if Kim Porter will be a bridesmaid since she will never be a bride? [SM]

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3 Responses

  1. So dolphin tooth puffy is engaged huh? Kim Porter has to be the dumbest chick alive to put up with what she has only to see a young tenderoni get what she could never get. I feel for the sista

  2. This is the best MS ever!

  3. I just don't get Kim Porter. I really don't. if this whole Diddy/Cassie deal is true, then what is up w/Kim? She was plastered across Essence talkin' smack about Diddy and his other Baby Mama. Now we have this announcement. Is it the lifestyle that has her sprung and settling for crumbs or what?