‘Spazz’ If You Want To With N*E*R*D

N*E*R*D has banged out a second video from their album Seeing Sounds for the track "Spazz." We first heard this joint back in May
and people either loved it or hated it, which I suspect will be the same reaction for this simple, concert footage centric video. I was hoping to see some little teapots in the black and white clip, but it just features Pharrell, Chad and Shay performing the song in front of a rather hyped up audience. Refreshments must have been sponsored by Red Bull. I've never been to a N*E*R*D concert, but methinks it looks a lot like this.

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    No one showing love to N.E.R.D ? lol Its actually a realy solid album. My fav cuts are "Happy" and "Anti-Matter". Pharell could have went hollywood on his folks and did the whole I dont need NERD anymore but its nice to see that they did the album together and toured so extensively.

  2. I dig this, great workout track -- but I just LOLed at this video because from the second I put it on, it made my cat, Max, totally freak out. Spazz, indeed...

  3. Okay, really gonna have to buy this record like NOW. They're inventiveness is crazy. Don't know if I could survive a concert...looks like a bunch of chirren wildin' out in the crowd. LOL

  4. I saw N.E.R.D. on Kanye's Glow In The Dark Tour and yeah, their spot was something like that. Insaney high-energy. Totally fun. I