Talib Kweli ‘Eardrum’ Outtakes Find Their Way Online

talib_kweli_city.JPGToday is like Christmas in July for Talib Kweli fans. Two unreleased tracks from the Eardrum sessions hit the net today to remind us just how dope this dude really is. Because only a dope MC could leave these two bangers off of an album and still have a tight product, which he did. The first song that has stayed on repeat in my iTunes is "Take It Back," which features the vocal stylings of Marsha Ambrosius and finds Kweli reminiscing on the good old days. True Little Brother lovers will recognize "Getting My Grown Man On" from their And Justus For All mixtape, but this is an aural treat nonetheless to hear the complete DJ and interruption free track in all its grown folks glory.

It's amazing that these Talib Kweli rejects sound better than 95% of the hip-hop played on urban radio today. Thank God for the internets--and especially the good people over at Okayplayer who blessed us with these gems! 

Talib Kweli feat. Marsha Ambrosius: "Take It Back"

Talib Kweli feat. Little Brother: "Getting My Grown Man On"

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5 Responses

  1. Both these tracks have me smiling and nodding my head. Grown Man indeed. Lovin Kweli.

  2. one of the top 5 MC's alive easily!

  3. LOVE. IT. Both these tracks are the hotness.
    And yes, I am proud to say I already have "Grown Man." LB, if you're reading this, ya'll need to get back to DC with a quickness!

  4. As a Grown Man I'm really feeling these tracks - can listen to hip-hop as A Grown As Man! Thank GOD
    Peace & Blessings,
    After Dark Soul