We Want YOUR Concert Reviews and Photos!

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  1. Y'all are so adorable!!! And Butta, I'm gonna need that dress, mkay? Love it! I'll be sending you e mails -- next up for me is Rock the Bells August 2!

  2. Where's Ill Mami? I havent seen her post since you guys came back on line......................

  3. Awwww! stoney, I KNEW you'd miss me! I'll be back in few weeks. Gotta handle some non-SB bizness for change LOL
    See y'all soon!

  4. It's nice to put names and faces together. I'll be picturing everyone while reading posts.

  5. @SDG, actually we're much cuter on the staff page. Check it out sometime 😉

  6. Wait... so THIS is what y'all look like? Nice. Good to know. 😉
    *thinking I need to get down to DC more often*

  7. Butta.
    Vivrant Thang.
    Sweetlips (?!!?)
    I'm not saying those names sound like Mary Jane Girls 2008.
    Wait. Maybe I am.
    and Ill Mami is the dominatrix of the crew. with a puerto rican accent.

  8. You wrong for that, Stylus! Funny but wrong!

  9. damn butta! just found your website and thanks to that picture of you, you have a fan for life. holla at a brotha…