#10: Luther Vandross ‘Never Too Much’

luther_vandross_singing.jpgWhat would the top 10 of our Top 100 Soul/R&B Songs countdown be without the inclusion of Luther Vandross? Although this is his final appearance on the countdown, what an appearance it is with one of the most beloved tracks in his catalog, "Never Too Much." Believe it or not, this was one of two songs that Luther had on his demo, and it is credited with getting him his solo record deal. Just one listen to the song, and its evident why he was signed. Luther is well regarded for his litany of slow jams and ballads, but his uptempo songs aren't to be slept on. With its post-Disco groove, "Never Too Much," from the album of the same name, is another song that is a bonafide party starter. You can't help but two-step (or break out into a full-fledged hustle) when Luther begins singing about his shining star and how they make his "heart scream and holler" with a love that is never too much. Anyone who has ever been in love and wanted to get lost in a thousand kisses from their lover can relate to this tune.   

We lost Luther three summers ago, but thanks to this 1981 hit and so many others, his music lives on and on. And that's never too much.

Enjoy the extended version of "Never Too Much" below and the music video after the bounce.

Luther Vandross: "Never Too Much"

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5 Responses

  1. I love this song. My mom played this all the time. Good times, good memories. BTW, I love this site and the countdown.

  2. I remember this video. When you look at it today, it's so cheesy. But back when the song first came out, it was rather innovative. It was one of the first videos that BET aired back when Video Soul first started. Damn, I'm really dating myself with this response.

  3. Ha! Sunday morning found me listening to all of Luther's up tempo jams while driving to the mall. My poor sister was so embarrassed when we stopped at the diner to get some coffee and they could all hear me singing at the top of my lungs. Ummm, I can't sing! *Lmao*
    Never Too Much, Love The One You're With & Power of Love are my absolute favs!

  4. I must say this isn't my favourite LV song (Close match between 'Superstar' & 'A House Is Not A Home') but anythin sung by him has gotta be up there with the best of 'em.
    Think what mighta put me off this slightly is the MESS of a version 'sang' by Miss Keyshia Cole on her debut! album. First she covers LV, now there is news she is covering MJB, who next??? ... Marvin, Stevie???? (God Help Us All)

  5. this. is. my. favorite. "Lutha". song. EVER. Its stays on heavy rotation on my IPOD. The sheer bliss of the words matches the tempo of the tune. How can you not feel the love???