#12: Stevie Wonder ‘As’

Songs_in_the_key_of_life.jpgThe world probably needs more upbeat, celebratory love songs. (The world needs more love in general, but that's another entry for another blog for another day.) Stevie Wonder is a wide-ranging, nuanced writer and producer, able to wrench tears of joy and sorrow from his listeners with ease. From the gentle lullabies that cradle us and make us feel warm, to the the rousing anthems that make us jump out of our seats, Stevie is probably the most provocative composer of our time. This was never more exemplified than on his epic Songs in the Key of Life, a 4-side collection (plus EP) that took its listeners on an exhaustive emotional journey.

"As," out of the five total Wonder-performed tracks on our countdown, ended up being the highest ranked because of how many of us love it. And though I can admit that it's not my number one favorite (only by a hair), the power of this song cannot be denied. Even on an upbeat track, Stevie uses his requisite cosmic and nature-themed references to give the lyrics weight. This ain't no typical, run-of-the-mill, ordinary pedestrian love. This is the kind of love that will last until the end of the world. And maybe even then it will still go strong. Although SoulBounce favorites Mary J. Blige and George Michael recorded a decent duet version in recent years, nothing quite beats a Stevie original.

Stevie Wonder: "As"

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8 Responses

  1. Hm, I probably would reverse the order of the last two songs. But 'As' is indeed an amazing love song.
    No more Stevie on the countdown? I can't wait to see the top 10.

  2. I challenge anyone to name a better Album of ANY genre.
    This is the only 2+ record set that is THICK from the first song to the last.
    Can't wait for the top ten. We're watching you..............
    ......... still watching.

  3. I hearby officially declare my love for Soulbounce with this pick. I should wait, but no. Granted, this song is in single digits for me, but nevertheless Love it!
    Looking forward to see what the Encore is (not the song though). 🙂

  4. In paragraph 1 do you mean composer and not composure?

  5. Excellent choice ... but no more Stevie??
    Would have loved to see 'Knocks Me Off My Feet' somewhere on the countdown or maybe 'I Was Made To Love Her' but never mind.

  6. Although this song could qualify as number one on my list, I'll accept it where it is. a masterpiece showcasing Stevie at his best. 70's Stevie will always be my fave...let the church say AMEN! As a 70's baby, I would sit in my livingroom and play Stevie for hours knowing even then that I was in the midst of greatness. Also knowing that I better not scratch my mama's album. Can't wait the see the top ten!!!

  7. I love this song SO much. I'm rockin at my desk on a Friday afternoon. Thanks for everything you do, Soulbounce!

  8. My Fave Stevie song!