#13: Stevie Wonder ‘Ribbon in the Sky’

Picture it: Queens, 1982. An eighth grader named Charles takes the stage at an I.S. 59 assembly and proceeds to blow a young Harlem away with his rendition of the then-new Stevie Wonder song, "Ribbon in the Sky." Two things stayed with me from his performance: the way he, an EIGHTH GRADER(!), flawlessly played the piano and sang at the same time, and how he sounded just like Stevie. I think that's why I still love this song so much to this day. Well, that and the fact that it's one of the most beautifully constructed love songs ever. Stevie's voice, and those lyrics, just ooze passion. A sample: "If allowed, may I touch your hand/And if pleased, may I once again" and "We can't lose with God on our side/We'll find strength in each tear we cry." Deep. Of course, the song was a major hit, becoming a staple at wedding receptions the world over. It originally appeared on Wonder's Original Musiquarium compilation disc, charting at #54 on the pop charts and #10 on the R&B list. The group Intro put their foot in their 1994 version of the song, with it becoming their second best-selling single. Even with all the duplication, though, this is Stevie's song, hands down. So as I continue down memory lane, take a listen to Mr. Wonderful and touch the hand of the one you love.

Stevie Wonder: "Ribbon in the Sky"

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, love this one. The chords, the progression, everything. Truly a masterpiece from beginning to end. Great choice!

  2. Simply put, this song makes my goosebumps blush. The instrumental at the end allows you to conjure up images of how your own ribbon in the sky could play out. (is it me or does everyone else see images of growing old with someone and watching the grandkids playing in the backyard as the instrumental plays out??)

  3. OMG! Stevie Wonder is an artist for all times in and out of season. He is a phenomenal person of whom God has truly blessed in so many ways. Because of this, he has and continues to touch so many. Ribbon in the Sky is and will always be a classic! I love Stevie!

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    Some of the best Lyrics ever written, such a simple arrangement for Stevland Too. Piano, Guitar Drums, top 50 best song of all time

  5. My fav song by him and my 2nd fav R&B song of all time (after Jodeci's "Cry For You".)
    Great Choice. As a matter of fact I'm gonna listen to it right now, after I listen to the remake by Intro. (gotta save the best for last!)


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