#20: Earth Wind & Fire ‘Love’s Holiday’

EWFalbum.jpgWould you mind if we left the past 79 songs of our Top 100 R&B and Soul Countdown with this beautifully crafted song by Earth Wind & Fire? Would you mind if Maurice White was able to coax this tune from its melodic valleys and peaks into a song that seems much longer than its 4 minutes and 22 seconds? Would you again mind if Phillip Bailey were able to provide the falsetto love on the background vocals that only he knew how? My guess is that not only would you not mind, but you would crave to hear this track as often as your parents did back in their heyday. Since EWF's inception in 1969, they have been known for not only their space age Egyptian-styled outfits, but for their beautiful ballads as well. And "Love's Holiday" is no exception. So much so that I doubt that anyone will feel that this 1978 jam does not belong in its proper place on our countdown. Despite it being Monday, go ahead and create a little love holiday of your own.

Earth Wind & Fire: "Love's Holiday"

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4 Responses

  1. It's EWF, what else can we say?Classic?Legendary?All of it.I so love this song.It sounds good on the old vinyl too.Got to love these guys for the best instrumentation.

  2. The Elements....most def one of the baddest bands in the land.

  3. This song still sounds as good as it did when I was a little rugrat. Straight up classic from an incredible group.

  4. My dad love's EWF so Im most def familiar with this and so many of their songs. Who can deny the groove of EWF and the unexplainable urge to play their songs over and over again. Thanks soulbounce for this one.