Do Jill Scott & Jesus Know About This?

If there's one niche of music I love, it's the reworked remake. Both Butta and myself have written about this in the past, and I will always love the dancehall reggae version of Guy's "Let's Chill." When it comes to mixing the secular and sacred, I'm usually down for this as well, but I'll be honest, it makes me think that God in the likeness of Morgan Freeman will come down from heaven above and shake his head "no" in a stern manner for me liking it. After viewing this clip, submitted by SoulBounce compatriot DJ Stylus, I'm not quite sure what to think or say about it. On the one hand, little twelve-year-old Tori Kelly is absolutely killing Jill Scott's "It's Love," which we all know is not an easy feat. Then there's the issue of her turning the love Jilly is singing about into love for the Lord. Then there's the issue of the dude from Full House hosting this show that this clip originated from. Then there's the issue of me expecting to see "BET" in the lower left corner of the screen, but it instead says "PAX." I'm so confused.  

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  1. this was way to popish and way to amateur christina aguliera for me. not really feeling it.

  2. Watching those folks in the audience trying to clap on beat was painfully funny. LMAO

  3. Oh snap, go baby Mariah! lol

  4. Ummm...I'm really thinking me no likey. I don't usually do they secular to gospel change very well. I think the only song I've liked in its original and gospel format was Ambrosia's Biggest Part of Me that Take 6 (i think it was them) redid. In this effort, the little girl will probably mature into a better singer, but she's coming off very Britney Spears-ish to me...

  5. Immediately I was like, I'm not going to like it but Lil' girl, has a nice voice, too many run and riffs towards the end that was too extra.

  6. Baby girl forgot the best part of the song. What? I can't have the Lord on my rice and gravy, black eye peas, or my candied sweets?! LOL
    She's talented, I guess, but I wasn't really feeling it. She sounded way too much like Christina Aguilera to me, and I cannot stand her. Too many runs, but I guess the audience loves a showy 12 year old. What's sad is this girl will most likely switch to secular music in a heartbeart, dressing and singng like the other tramps. Both Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry started off by singing Christian music... nuff said.

  7. I think she'd be good if she'd just be herself instead of trying to mock other accomplished artists. As far as making this song about the Lord, why not just sing an actual Gospel song. Gosh! People just take stuff too far sometimes--and this comes from somebody that loves the Lord. So, don't think I'm anti.

  8. the gifted vocalist, Ms Karen Clark-Sheard, took "he loves me" and flipped it gospel style into "you loved me" and its fiyah

  9. R&B draws from gospel all the time and vice versa. I remember when "Speak To My Heart" by Donnie McClurkin came out, and I know there were elements of Mary J. Blige's "Don't Go" in that song.

  10. I smell, I smell, I smell...HATERS! The girl did her thing. She nailed the tune with the skill and enthusiasm the song required. Grown women singers with experience can't technically get through this tune. And if the lil girl hadn't effortlessly thrown in those technically difficult runs, kats would've accused her of "whitening up the song" or claimed she didn't make the song her own. She's what 16, 17(?) for God sakes people. Now what was really funny was how uncomfortable that white audience was with their princess doing such an obviously black funk tune with flava. Classic.

  11. If I could have sung like that when I was 12, I'd be running and riffing too. Heck, if I could sing like that NOW, I'd be the karaoke queen.
    big respect on your shout out to Red Fox! I love dancehall remakes of R&B songs!!