For the Maxwell Lover In You

This weekend the internets were ablaze when a new live performance video from our beloved Maxwell spread from blog to blog like a wildfire. Interestingly enough, this video was posted on YouTube two weeks ago, but people just recently discovered it. And thank goodness they did because this performance needed to be seen by more than those who were in attendance at the 2008 HollyRod Foundation DesignCare Benefit on July 19th. Backed by the Rickey Minor Band with Sy Smith on background vocals, Maxwell sung a breathtaking version of "This Woman's Work" in front of an audience that included Vanessa Williams, honoree Cedric the Entertainer, Regina King and founder Holly Robinson-Peete who can be seen having a moment toward the end of the clip. Can you blame her? Watch the video below and you'll probably need a few minutes to collect yourself afterwards, too.

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8 Responses

  1. I know why she had a moment. Every time he sings that song, I tear up. Great clip and he sounds as beautiful as ever.

  2. I feel you, Holly...I feel you...

  3. More, please! Is he back in the studio? He should be.

  4. Wow...I don't know how I've gone for so long without running into this blog. Keep it up! You guys have SO MUCH news and music that I'm all over.
    THANK YOU! A good R&B/Soul blog...AT LAST!

  5. Can I please get an AMEN!!!! That voice makes me wanna stand up and shout!!!! I LOVE YOU MAXWELL!!!!

  6. So, when I first saw this I was irritated. I love Maxwell and youtube is one step above listening to music through a tin can and string. Live recordings on youtube...DO YOU HATE EARS?
    But I have come to love this blog and with love, comes trust; so I clicked.
    You did not prepare me for the voice. Nothing you could have said would have prepared me.
    Im left with just, WOW.
    Thank you for posting something that elsewhere I would have quickly passed over.

  7. I've been loving him long time....that MAN...that MAN...that MAN!!!!!!!! I think I would truly stutter if I ever met him in person!

  8. I really appreciate this brother for recording this song, I perform this song from time to time and is a show speaks to that soft and tender side of a woman, all women need to feel this way.
    This is one of my favorite songs to sing.