Let’s All Welcome Our New Editor!

Thumbnail image for rosoulbounce.jpgAfter a strenuous, touch-and-go, nationwide talent search, I am giddy to report we are fully-staffed (for the time being)! Many of you may have noticed a new regular poster that goes by "Ro." Her contributions thus far have suited the texture of the site nicely, and she brings a true understanding of "Soul" as well as some interesting items I never would've been able to find on my own. Check out her archives, which are already gaining momentum and show love. She counts Maxwell, Strange Fruit Project, The Roots, Rahsaan Patterson, Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson among her faves, so she's cool with me! Learn more about Ro on our Staff Page.


9 Responses

  1. SFP FTW!
    Side note: This is one of my new favorite spots on the web. Enjoying the twitter posts, blog posts, design.....vibe.
    Peep us if you get a chance!
    Either way, keep doin' what it do....and know, that you are special!
    (SFP, btw...for those that missed it)

  2. I was wondering who Ro was...nice to meet ya.

  3. so now we know Ro. . .
    thank u 4 ur on-point contributions 2 SB thus far and we await more poignant posts in the future.

  4. shes pretty. can her photo accompany all her posts?
    just playin (no I'm not)
    welcome to the fold. I need to look at who authors what more often. if I saw ro I would've known it was you right away.

  5. You left out eye candy!!! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the love, y'all! I'm glad to be a part of the brilliance that is SoulBounce.

  7. Let's go Team Freckle!

  8. Butta - u know I wasn't gonna say anything about the freckles because I KNEW it was coming up!
    for the record, freckles rule. they're the roadmap 2 the

  9. redbones is taking over.