Mainstream of Consciousness: You Need to Handle That With Your Label

pissedChris Brown
, God bless him, is furious that an unfinished track meant for a forthcoming duet with Rihanna has leaked all over the Internet. We get a sense that he's more upset with the dedicated 12-year-old fans that love him so and shared the track, as opposed to the source of the leak. Mind the infrastructure, Chris! ♣ Today marks the first day of BET's new issue-driven talk show The Truth With Jeff Johnson. The show is only a half hour, which begs the question: Would you use a single Tic Tac to cure halitosis? ♣ Not to be outdone, Master P is launching Better Black Television (BBTV) to compete with BET. This, of course, comes on the heels of BET helping to make him a millionaire and a household name. ♣ Westboro Baptist Church will protest Bernie Mac's funeral because they have nothing better to do and clearly didn't piss off enough people with their last pointless, distasteful protest. ♣ VIBE's fifteenth annual "Juice" issue collapses under it's refusal to understand that maybe we no longer need it. ♣ Additionally, The Source is re-launching, because it refuses to take the hint as well.


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2 Responses

  1. Annoyed with the name Better Black Television

  2. Would you use a single tic-tac to cure halitosis? nOva, you are a MESS! bwahahaha


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