Morning Soul: This Is What It Sounds Like When We Make Love

5 Responses

  1. Ah, the introduction of the big dookie braids! Jade (along with former Fly Girl of In Living Color, Josie) were the first ones to rock them.

  2. I would have love to check out Tribe's show, and The Jackson are truly music icons. All except Latoya - okay let me stop playing on your blog. LOL.

  3. Jade was the bomb back in the day!!! Butta if you can beautiful, see about uploading the Jade/Pov jam "all thru the nite" Holla at your boy

  4. Dookie braids!Oh gosh!But yo, it was hot back then and this song is the ish!

  5. Lawd, did I love that group??? Their live remake of the Emotions' "Blessed" is one of my favorite songs ever. 🙂


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