Morning Soul: What Happened, Sarah?

  • In an interview, Jill Scott 1) confirmed her engagement to "master percussionist" John Roberts, 2) discussed moving to Atlanta and 3) said that she has recorded a song with Bone Crusher. One of these things is not like the other. [RG101]
  • Diddy has two more fragrances coming to stink up the joint this December. [WWD]
  • Kenny Lattimore covers some classics on his new CD. [IS]
  • Mary Mary experiments with some new sounds on their next release. [SR]
  • Check out Ne-Yo's Year of the Gentleman tracklisting to see if there are any songs left to download before it's officially released. [RNBMB]
  • Mariah Carey is quite glam and fully clothed in Fashion Rocks magazine. [LBS]

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6 Responses

  1. All I can say is WOW! Jonathan Butler!

  2. Lawd, I betta not hear Jill harmonizing and hitting high C's to "Never Scared".

  3. that Kenny Lattimore record should be crazy. he's doing a lot of my all time favorite songs, a few of which have likely never been covered by someone of his abilities.

  4. I took my folks to see Jonathan Butler about three years ago at Blues Alley - and that was a hell of a show. He took this song and sped it up for his live show, which was an interesting treatment. The thing that really struck me when I went with my mother to get his autograph was his height - that brother is shorter than my mom! I'm a short dude, and if I'm looking down at you that says a lot. But he's one of the baddest out there, and I'd pay to see him again.
    And how lovely was Sheri Headley in this video?

  5. I looooooovededed this song back in the day!!! Whoo Lawd. Still have the cassette, and good thing it's in a case, because no words survived on the body of the thing. Glad I was smart enough to buy it on CD as well. 🙂