Morning Soul: All the Things and More

  • We may call him D-Nice but as of this past Saturday actress Malinda Williams calls him her husband. Congratulations to the happy couple! [Essence]
  • Does Toni Braxton's cardiologist approve of her being on Dancing With the Stars? [MSNBC]
  • Barack Obama has handpicked Jennifer Hudson to sing the National Anthem at the Democratic National Convention. [People]
  • Whoever is trying to make Cassie into the next Aaliyah needs to stop the madness. [T2W]
  • Maysa's new album, Metamorphosis, is coming our way in October. [ST]

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2 Responses

  1. I can see the similarities of Cassie duplicating Aaliyah' steez,but not everybody is trying to.Back in the 90s tomboy were full effect and that wasn't Aaliyah's style all alone.When they said that Ciara was duplicating Aaliyah I didn't see it because all Ciara do i pop lock it.My conclusion, I couldn't tell you because its 50/50

  2. The style is similar to the one Aaliyah (RIP) made popular a decade ago. It's just too noticeable to ignore. Why can't Cassie just be Cassie? Whatever the hell that is.