QUICK POLL: How Much of A Difference Does Darkchild Make to Brandy’s Success?

Thumbnail image for brandy_1200833147.jpgMuch is being made of Brandy once again employing Darkchild to helm her new project. I love all of Brandy's albums, and although she created a signature sound with Rodney Jerkins, I hesitate to declare him the one and only producer that's fit to work with her. Mike City's "Full Moon" gave Brandy a sexy grown-up groove that complimented her smoky vocals. Timbaland took her to the clubs with "Turn It Up". And her early work with Kenneth Crouch mostly holds up today. Human, so far, looks like it will involve a king's ransom worth of production creds, but it's the Darkchild stuff that's getting the most attention. Check this new track via UMB called "Porcelain" and hit our poll after the jump, in which we ask--

"How Important is Darkchild to Human's Success?"

Brandy: "Porcelain"

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  1. I would argue that she's more important to his creative energy than the other way around. With only a few exceptions, much of his post-Brandy production has been tired or one-dimensional.
    I personally hope that she doesn't run after trendy producers. I didn't think she and TIm worked well together at all. But you are right about Mike CIty. If she were smart she'd split the album up between Mike, Rodney and Raphael Saadiq. But to be fair, I think Ray Ray could fix everyone's career. The man is a genius.

  2. fire is fire.
    i'm wondering if we'll hear implied references to the hell she's been through with killing that woman in the car accident.
    can't imagine how anyone gets over that....but i guess life moves on.

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    It depends on the Dark Child... If he's being inovative like he was on the second and third record he elevates her. If he's following after the pack like he tends to do sometimes he drags her down. I REALLY liked the Timbaland production on her last album, it meshed well with her. But that was also when Timbaland was actually doing most of his own beats instead of farming it out to Dnaja and Royal Court...But Brandy also sounded really good with Keith Crotch on the first album. David Foster sounded good with her and the Babyface song on Exhale was nice too. So no she does not NEED Rodney but I like the combo. Its like Janet and Jam and Lewis

  4. I loved her with Tim & Kanye on the last project. Rodney is always a hit and miss because he can get caught up in the "Trends" and loose focus.

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    Nov who produced this song ? Brandys vocals sound great as usual but the production is generic and typical of 2006-2007 R&B sounds more like an album cut. I'll purchase the album anyway

  6. Rodney's not essential to her success, however they are good together. At this point whether Brandy is a commercial success or not people are going to have a huge amount of love for her, because she's been around so long and was one of the first young females to reach that level of recognition
    like Fredric said fire is fire
    regardless of the producer

  7. the mentioning of darkchild teaming up with brandy makes me yawn. i dont think there's been too many songs from rodney that ever made me jump out my seat. maybe destiny's child and that's pushing it. brandy was at her heyday with kenneth crouch. maybe she look up his new number in the yellow pages...

  8. lets keep things real, we all family right? 🙂 ever since brandy posed in that notorius Vibe cover, ass up face down with "WHAT'S BEHIND BRANDY" her career went in the toilet. That and subpar music does not make for a productive career. I also think that Brandy more or less could be said to have made Darkchilds career then vice versa. Name his last top 10 produced track in the last 5 years

  9. DIdn't Rodney produce Deja Vu by Beyounce...crap song but it did go top 10. That was what 06

  10. my question is what happened to Keith and Kenneth Crouch? and Kipper Jones, for that matter? all those guys made some progressive, well-written and produced music. we need them right now.
    i don't know how valuable Rodney Jerkins is to the success of Brandy's album. i would say "quite." truthfully, i think Brandy shined brightly on all of her albums, regardless of who was producing. i personally love what Jerkins did on "Full Moon," but "Afrodisiac" was just crazy thanks to the Timbaland and Kanye joints. i agree with what someone else said: which Rodney Jerkins will show up? so far, i think "Right Here" is a strong record, so i'm hopeful.

  11. I agree that Brandy is more of an asset to Rodney Jerkins. They are a great combo but Brandy seems to have a superb ear for music. Her harmonies are amazing and she cultivates that sound with everyone she works with. Her voice is also very unconventional which gives her another advantage. Rodney is mediocre without her.

  12. Rodney's Top Hits in last 5 years....? Deja Vu - Beyonce
    FeedBack - Janet
    When I Grow up - Pussy Cat Dolls
    Show Stoppers - Danity Kane
    Cater 2 U - Destiny Child
    Loose your Breath - Destiny Child
    I need a Boss - Shareefa
    All chart toppers 2004 to now... so what do you mean "what top hits Rodney has in 5 years?" you're crazy. I love Brandy... but her last album did poorly. She has a chemistry with Rodney so she does needs him. Nothings wrong with needing something when its right!

  13. Keith Crouch not Kenneth