(Re)Visit Metropolis

janelle_monae_metro.jpgWith the recent Bad Boy release of Janelle Monae's Metropolis: The Chase Suite (Special Edition) zooming to the top of the iTunes R&B Album list, it seems a bit more possible for us to relax into their uncomfortable pairing. Somewhat. Okay, not really at all. The prospect of the other three EPs actually rounding out the suite under the fickle watch of Diddy warrants more that just apprehension that she'll be unceremoniously dropped before the remainder of her long-promised Metropolis albums.

Worrying aside, the success of Cindi Mayweather is something I've hoped for since first hearing the synthesized calliope and strings introduction to the song "Metropolis" off of her first album, The Audition (released way back in 2003).  It's a strong reminder of the magnetism of her style, and that she has left us pining for her futuristic alter-world for years now. Let's hope that the dedication to her vision continues assures her label that she is does not, and will never, deserve the Cheri Dennis treatment.

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2 Responses

  1. I really do like 'Metropolis'! 'It's Not Fair' is also a really good song from The Audition. I'm glad that there are people who dare to be different while still actually having tremendous talent like this little lady. Much respect to her!

  2. I really hope she re-releases The Audition on Bad Boy!