Solange Opened Mouth, Inserted Manolo–But Had A Reason

Much ado has been made about Solange going slap off on an entertainment reporter during her live segment on Las Vegas' FOX affiliate yesterday morning. Monica Jackson was all sunshine, blue skies and smiles when introducing Solange whose face was tighter than a size 2 on a size 20. What could have caused Solange to have a bee in her bonnet during such a lovely introduction?
Well, once Solo started talking we were about as confused as Monica when Miss Knowles started going off about not wanting to be associated with family and her "brother-in-law's establishment." Huh? Wha? The befuddled reporter tried to save face then someone off-camera let it be known that what Solange was referring to wasn't on-air nor part of her interview. Oopsie!

And apparently there is a perfect explanation for this comedy of errors. Isn't there always?

According to this recently released video from Solange herself,
there were some behind the scenes shenanigans going on that we weren't privy to that led to her reaction. She blathers on for the first minute about the fans, her album and a concert she attended then finally gets to the meat and potatoes of what really happened. Before her interview, she overheard someone in her earpiece tell the reporter to ask her about Jay-Z's Vegas 40/40 club closing, which was, needless to say, the wrong move. Watch the clip to hear Solo's side of it about how she felt hoodwinked and bamboozled and the conspiracy of FOX and TMZ to take Jay-Z down. OK, Solange, we get that you're protective of your fam, but it really wasn't that deep. I have to give it to the girl, though, she sure is getting a lot of press and coverage with very little effort. Kelly Rowland could learn a thing or two. 

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  1. I don't care what anyone says.
    Her name sounds like a piece surgical equipment.

  2. If Solange wanted to remove herself from her sister's shadow so badly, why do a sixties/seventies-inspired CD less than a two years after the huge success of Dreamgirls? On top of that, Beyonce also did the sixties/seventies thing with her own solo career during that whole 'Fighting Temptations'/'Austin Powers in Goldmember' phase. If anything, it looks like Solange is sinking deeper into the abyss of her sister's shadow & her reaction in this vid is a direct result of it.

  3. I wouldn't have got mad at the reporter.On the early show they caption "Beyonce's Sister" lol.They don't care about her for real.

  4. Her over-reaction and overall stankness was uncalled for. There's a way to handle reporters EVEN IF you think they're trying to get all sly on you with the interviewing. She should take a note from Beyonce; that woman is pure grace during interviews...sometimes snide remarks and whatnot don't even register (see Chicago incident where Tina about came off the stage at some reporter...Beyonce smiled through it all). LOL.
    Seriously though, look at her posture and overall 'don't f*ck with me' stance. Even after the mistake was 'corrected' and the reporter moved on to other things (and seemed incredibly sincere about her apology of the misunderstanding) Solange's attitude was still stank. SMH.
    And I totally agree with you FireMadeFlesh. 🙂

  5. Cluelessly entitled, bless her! Well yes you're so right to be petulantly offended Solange, because you get airtime because of your own uniquely singular fabulousness and the respect we have for your varied body of work... Sometimes there's something to be said for gracefully maintaining a "public face" and keeping it showbiz but sometimes it's fun to watch someone snitty and charmless too. She's the anti-Beyonce! More power to her tantrums!

  6. That was so uncalled for and for the love of chicken can someone teach those broads how to speak. They need to make her give those robotic interviews like her sister.

  7. When you're the little sister of the hottest chick in the game, and she's married to the dopest rapper alive... it comes with the territory. She needs to get over it.

  8. This chick works ALL of my nerves! First of all, you HAVE to know that whatever is said in the headset is OFF-CAMERA...therefore, there was NO need for her to be so frikkin nasty with the reporter when she had not yet asked her ANYTHING about Jay-Z. And even when she did, the wiser, more professional, decision would have been to say that it was not her business - nor her choice - to comment on anything Sean Carter. Period. Jeez!
    That "explanation" was caca. Sit down somewhere.

  9. I remember reading that Motown, back in the day, had an etiquette school to teach young artists how to talk, how to sit on stools, etc. It might have been a good idea for Geffen to shell out some money and buy some Emily Post books or something. Bottom line, class always wins, Solange. Recognize.

  10. She needs something because all i think when i see her is "lame." There's nothing appealing about her and an incident like this, does not help. The poor girl just uses lame and lost. Like so many of the "artist" that conveniently become singers after their older siblings open every door and some windows. Lame...


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