Whose ‘Every Little Thing’ Will Stay On Your Mind? Soul for Real or Christopher Williams?

Today seemed like as good a time as any to do a summer Battle of the Beats, taking us back to the early 1990s--an era of which we can truly say that we loved "every little thing." This Battle's participants are Soul for Real and their 1995 hit "Every Little Thing I Do," the second single from their platinum debut album Candy Rain, and Christopher Williams' 1993
banger "Every Little Thing You Do," from his second studio album, Changes. The Brothers Dalyrimple brought back the roller-skating groove of the 1980s with some help from Heavy D. on their "Thing," while CW laid his mack game down over the Nice and Smooth/Gangstarr "Dwyck" instrumental on this "Thing" remix, leaving no doubt that his lady had him straight turned on.

So now we leave it up to you, Bouncers. Which '90s joint will stay on your mind? Let the Battle begin.

Soul for Real: "Every Little Thing I Do"

Christopher Williams: "Every Little Thing You Do" Remix

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16 Responses

  1. Christopher Williams, all the way.

  2. This is a no brainer Soul For Real's Every Little Thing is still a banger to this day...gotta go with that one. Hey is that Mary J blige singing back ground on the Christopher Williams sure sounds like MJB

  3. Christopher Williams rocked that sh!t!

  4. Man, you got me over here doing the Wop and the Running Man at the same time. Not an easy feat, mind you.
    I gotta give this one to Soul For Real. This is the cut!
    Now it's time for my simultaneous Prep and Butterfly...

  5. I have to go with Soul for Real on this one. I get high school flashbacks every time I hear that song. And as much as I love the beat, Christopher Williams wasn't bringing it for me on this remix.

  6. CW all the way!! And I stay play that album. lol

  7. If it was the original Chris Williams' version, then I would've said SFR. But the remix? A classic. Yep, I said CLASSIC!

  8. Definitely Soul for Real!!! That beat *still* is phenomenal, when me and my people get together and THIS comes on...forget it!

  9. I so came in here ready to say Soul For Real off the top....because I listen to them all the time stiil but....then I clicked on that Christopher Williams and started JAMMING way too hard! the remix sets it off, so I'm going with CW.

  10. Soul For Real..loved those dudes back in the day..

  11. CW all the way, remix included.

  12. I'm torn because I love CW and Soul For Real, several of their songs stay in rotation on my MP3. But when I break it down it goes to CW.

  13. While the Soul Clap sample is a big thumbs up for me, I gotta go with Soul for real. It was in sound. SFR still gets rotation, too. No disrespect to CW (R.I.P).

  14. Good memories of high school with Soul for Real so my vote goes to them.

  15. I have to go with CW.

  16. Soul For Real all the way!!!
    @Roddykat: CW is not dead... that was a false rumor like 3 years ago


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