Whose Need is More Palpable? Alicia’s or Jazmine’s?


This time in the Battle of the Beats we pit established versus upcoming, strained versus unforced: Alicia Keys versus Jazmine Sullivan. The interesting rhythmic punctuations on Keys' "I Need You" and infectious riddimic swells on Sullivan's "Need U Bad" are arguably the most dynamic elements of these songs, almost overshadowing each singer's distinctive and powerful voice. Keys wails in that patented, nearly uncomfortable rage of hers about no two things going together better than her and the object of her affection, while Sullivan effortlessly infuses her mellifluous voice into the claim that she needs her love as badly as she needs food. Both play to their strengths on these tracks in an attempt to convince you of how badly and deeply they need.

You tell us, in this battle for affection who wins you over?

Alicia Keys: "I Need You"

Jazmine Sullivan: "Need U Bad"

Alicia Keys [Official][MySpace]
As I Am [Amazon][iTunes]

Jazmine Sullivan [Official][MySpace]
"Need U Bad" [Amazon][iTunes]
Debut Album Fearless Available 9/23 [Amazon

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19 Responses

  1. Jazmine all the way

  2. Have to give it to Jazmine!

  3. I'll give it to Jazmine, although I must say that I love Alicia's "Need" too. 🙂

  4. I gotta give it to Alicia. lol Even though I love Jazzy with every fiber of my being (forgive my dramatics), I absolutely love "I Need You" by Alicia, and with this being my first year every stanning for the singer (been stanning for jazzy for 2 years), imma have to go with Ms. Keys for this one.

  5. Love both, but Jazmine's has a bit more fire.

  6. As much as I love Alicia...Jazmine wins this round.

  7. Alicia's joint is pure hotness...I felt her pain in her voice
    and the horns at the end was CLASSIC!

  8. Jazmine, just barely, as she loses points for the unnecessary and annoying hype person nonsense thrown into the song.
    How about for round 2, the winner of this throwdown vs Jill Scott's The Fact Is (I Need You)?

  9. I'm judging this based on musicianship (beats) and songwriting (lyrics).
    And Alicia Keys wins. The drum intro kicks ass and gets you moving.
    And Alicia yearning for some good love is most effective here.
    I'm feeling Jazmine's track also, but the song uses a familiar Jamaican "riddim" with an R&B twist. It's nice. But it didn't hit me as hard as Alicia's joint.

  10. If we're going for the anthemic master, it's Jazmine's version all the way. Hers captures much more of the sing-a-long power of the hook, along with the infectiousness of the rockers ragga riddim. 🙂

  11. interesting--this morning on the way to school, i shuffled my music and "i need you" started playing. ...i thought about both songs and how alike they are....
    ...and how different. i LOVE JS's, "need you bad". it's sultry and sexy. AK's, "i need you" is slick and fierce. my vote? AK. the yearn in her voice, the urgency of the drums, the piercing horns, it all gets me everytime. my favorite part is right before her adlibs at the end (before "like the desert needs the rain..."): "said IIIIIIIII need you..." i always wind up shouting back her.

  12. I like alicia's song allot, but Jazmin S. Need You Bad is bangin

  13. Even though sometimes I think the lyrics are kinda doofy (Especially Alicia's. Girl what are you talking about for the first three lines? How does the sand loving waves have anything to do with your dude doubting your love?), and I agree with k23 that Missy should step off with the hyping on Jazmine's track, on the whole both songs are strong. I'm still undecided...

  14. I love both songs, but I definitely have to go with A. Keys. It was the hands-down best track off her last album, the instrumentation is crazy. In my opinion, Jazmine's track is very simple and falls flat when the two tracks are compared side-by-side. Still love me some Sullivan, though, and I'm copping the debut album as soon as it's released.

  15. I like the instrumentation of Alicia's track, but Jazmine's is fire. The lyrics, the rhythm, her voice. Mm!

  16. This one is tough. I LOVE Alicia Keys and i LOVE this song by Jazmine. I call it a draw.

  17. is it just me, but Jazmine sounded like a watered down Lauryn Hill (when Lauryn Hill wasn't crazy)??? couldn't get passed that. oh well.

  18. well ak song is good but ima have to give to jazmine cause she saying how she let someone slip away that was good and she realize she really need's him bad!!!