Book of Rhymes

Did you know that Michael Eric Dyson was writing a book based solely on Nas' Illmatic? "Why for?" you ponder. Well, Illmatic is the "greatest Hip Hop album ever" and the main work Nas fans call upon when qualifying whatever new madness Nas is getting into. Fourteen years later and we're still patting the brother on the back for that one album. Of the book, Dyson says "Every song on Illmatic will be analyzed, interpreted and then re-articulated in a kind of intellectual sense from his own base in Hip Hop and we're trying to deal with that seriously." Good lord. The sooner this doesn't happen the better. Everytime Dyson opens his mouth to speak on Hip Hop I literally feel like he's reading from one of those books that philosophizes Seinfeld, or The Simpsons. Not that Hip Hop (especially Nas' early-'90s brand) isn't worthy of the re-interpretation, but Dyson just really tends to go overboard with the vocab. This book will be 50,000 pages. [HHDX/AHH]

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4 Responses

  1. I wish MED would drink a big ole cup of STFU! I'm tired of all his hot air and shenanigans. Damn!

  2. oprah has a book of the month club, but with dyson you need a book of the week club, since that seems to be the pace with which he's constantly writing something new.
    at one point he was a pundit to point to, but now he's worn out his welcome. there are other heads from academia and otherwise that can make the proper connections between the boom bap and its larger place in society and MAKE IT PLAIN for the everyday people. those folk need to be tapped for their resources now, dyson has played himself out.
    a whole book on Illmatic? i could understand if it was one of those 33-1/3 pocket book joints, but a MED-penned tome? in what universe is this really necessary?

  3. He always strikes me as overcompensating for his academic pedigree when he writes about hip-hop. Dude, you got your PhD from Princeton.'s ok, baby.
    macedonia and sdg1844 speak the truth.

  4. funny you should mention it, macedonia, because I actually AM writing a 33 and 1/3 on Illmatic, which will be out early next year.
    A bit intimidating to compete with Dyson, but hopefully mine is more about the record and less about the "re-articulation" of the songs, which I think are pretty damn good as they are...
    I hope you all enjoy it.