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luvbugz.jpgEver wonder what would happen if Prince and Apollonia had ridden off into the sunset on his sexually-ambiguously assigned motorcycle to live in their purple mansion full of roses and flying doves who only cry out of absolute joy? Me too, and now I no longer have to wonder since The Luv Bugz are on the scene to fill my head with melodies that sound exactly what I described above. Houston's own Erica.MissAmerica and Wayne a/k/a PZasterous who is formerly of Ideal have known each other since high school, but it was only as adults that they were able to reconnect musically then romantically as a duo. Featured on Nicolay and Kay's Time:Line album, The Luv Bugz describe their sound as a mix between new wave and R&B, which makes sense in so many ways after you listen to their music. Below, you will find two musical offerings from these Bugz we love.  And by the way, what's even "Better" is that this particular song will not only be featured on their upcoming album but is exclusive to SoulBounce. Enjoy. 

The Luv Bugz: "Better"

The Luv Bugz: "Sunny Daze"

The Luv Bugz [MySpace]

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17 Responses

  1. this duo is amazing..i loved them on "tight eyes" i hope they blow up

  2. wait til u hear the album Gigi!
    Do you have There 4 U?

  3. I love these two. They sound so dope together.

  4. Loving these songs. Love how they threw in that throwback sesame street verse in "sunny daze" lol

  5. When someone posted that Marsha/Michael remix of "Butterflies" on SB I was lamenting the absence of good, grown-folks duets. So I'm totally feeling these two. Mmm, good music.

  6. Their style got me interested...oh and that Ideal joint was and is still one of my favorite songs by a recent group

  7. Thankfully, this lady sings far better than Apollonia did. 🙂 Very nice and different. Will be curious to hear the entire project.

  8. these trax r HOT...I need them on my

  9. Imani (and all),
    We wanted to thank you soo much for the WONDERFUL, SPLENDIFEROUS, WHIMSICAL write up of us. You have benefited us in ways that words cannot express. Thanks for the blessings and your words. God Bless you and we will never forget you.
    Also: (We forgot to mention ,and please charge this to our heads and not our hearts) PZ is and always will be a part of Ideal. They are his family and I consider them (Mav, Suab, and J Dante) mine as well.
    You're the best!

  10. Sunny days is my fav! There's just something about that tune that moves my soul in an indescribable way. I happen to really love these two on a personal note & an artistic note.

  11. Luv Bugz style is so original and unique, I LOVE them!!! Ms. America and PZ, you are both tremendously blessed with beautiful voices and great talent!

  12. Wow, I am impressed but not surprise. Ideal happens to be a favorite of mine. E, this has been in the making since...since. I am so happy to for you both and like the rest of the fans, anticipate supporting the entire project. God Bless

  13. Sooothing sounds from the soul...Beautiful! I always thought you'll were a match made in Heaven 😉 Love you guys and looking forward to hearing more!

  14. Avatar

    I am really diggin these tunes. Keep putting smiles on people's faces with you rmusic.

  15. Yo- This is a blessing that has been brewing into perfection! You guys know I'm a fan! Your talents are truly a gift to share with the world- your music is so timeless & soul-fullfilling! PZ with the killa "NU-Nu's" & E with the voice of an angel- you are both duly deserving. I LOVE YALL & MAY YOU BOTH BE ABUNDANTLY BLESSED!

  16. I love "Sunny Daze"...everything about it! It definitely puts me on the beach, pina colada in hand, contemplating life while overlooking the ocean! A+ in artistry! Great job!


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