Brandy’s Video for ‘Right Here (Departed)’ Is Right On Time

Last month, when we first played Brandy's new single, "Right Here (Departed)," I immediately started wondering what the concept for the video would be. So, when I saw that the clip had its world premiere last night, I was excited. B-Rocka usually comes strong. Plus, I'd heard about the I Am Legend slant it might take. Eh, not so much. The clip shows Brandy reaching out from "the beyond" providing comfort to those she was forced to leave behind. That's it. No, not legendary in the least, but you know what? It works. Sometimes, the simplest of concepts make for great theater. Maybe I just missed seeing her face on my screen. It might just be that, since I even forgive the latest meaningless Ray J cameo. I mean, he is family. Producer Rodney Jerkins also appears, as does fledgling actor (and husband of Tia Mowry) Corey Hardrict. Check the clip below and let us know what you think. Brandy's back! And even in its simplest form, "Right Here" is right on time.

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12 Responses

  1. It's okay. Sounds like it will work for her. Don't know how much radio play it will receive though....

  2. I loved it and am happy to have Brandy back. I will support her for sure. I love her smokey vocals. She is a pretty decent songwriter too. She's going on 15 years in the game and still looks flawless.

  3. I like the record. The video is just above average but it is nice to have B-Rocka working it out again. I'm optimistic about her chances for success this go round.

  4. I like it...don't love it, but I like it. Then again, Brandy never really had great videos, just good videos. Her music always speaks for itself though. I'm loving the song and it's actually doing well on radio already. It's only been out for a few weeks and it's already #50something on the charts. Good for her.

  5. IM just glad she not poppin all over the place...

  6. The video is...nice. The song is....growing on me. I'm exciting that Brandy is back though!!

  7. I'm bias, I love both the song and video. Very adult, soulful, and classic Bran. I cannot wait to purchase the "Human" LP.-QH

  8. Nice and simple. Glad to see Brandy back. Can't wait to grab the album!!!

  9. The song is eh. Did she always a have a mole on her right cheek???

  10. yeah i dont ever remember her having that mole its very random

  11. Yea i dont remember the mole either. So i went back on previous videos and even her show and notice there was no mole.

  12. well the video is simple she could have done better because that song has a great message I wanted to see more acting more reaching out and more emotion. Its a cute video and she looks hot!