Come Taste Noelle Scaggs’ Sweet ‘Cherry Pie’


Ever since Noelle Scaggs' abrupt departure from The Rebirth, many have been left wondering when we would be hearing more from one of Los Angeles' most slept-on, honey-voiced melodists. Glancing at the photo of her above, one could definitely say that there have been a lot of changes on the image front for sure. There are also a bit more flicks of her displaying the Vanity side of her nature with leather, feathers and lace on her MySpace page that we're figuring play into the sensual and seductive feel of the song "Cherry Pie." Produced by Denmark's Robin Hannibal, one-half of Owusu and Hannibal, "Cherry Pie" is the type of track that Donna Summer likely thought twice about before recording her seminal "Love To Love You Baby." While we're sure that you're tired of hearing synthesizer-laden tracks being described as futuristic Soul or something similar, I'm here to tell you that this is one time where this label is warranted. "Come on and get your sugar high," purrs Noelle. Sure, after I slip into my corset and lace-up leather boots.

Noelle Scaggs [Official][MySpace]

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4 Responses

    • I second that:) after reading the title I had no idea this was about a song and to be frank about it, I had a sweet tooth like a mutha:) stop teasing folk Mami........................................:)

  1. noelle scaggs is the truth. i first got into her via her appearance on a Quantic joint.

  2. Hey just wanted to say thank you for this lovely review! I appreciate the support.