Could 112’s Slim Be Bringing Us That Long-Awaited Faith Album?

Am I overstating with the whole "long-awaited" bit? Perhaps. But honestly, when it comes to R&B delivered by a female over 30 with a touch of Hip Hop that isn't Mary, Faith Evans fits the need perfectly. Today's rumor (until verified via press release, mind you) comes from the folks at Milk Magazine, who state that Slim is ready to sign Faith to his label. If this turns out to be true, it's a fantastic look for the both of them. As stans of Golden Age Bad Boy know, the Faith & 112 collabs were legendary. The group did some backup on her debut, and Faith returned the favor by appearing on "I Can't Believe." 112 penned her "I Just Can't" from the High School High soundtrack and they both showed love on each other's sophomore releases with "Caramel Kisses' and "For Awhile." Faith more recently appears on Slim's own "So Gone." Regardless of the group's official status, a move like this at the very least channels a bit of welcome nostalgia, along with the promise of the same magic they brought us years ago, without the involvement of you-know-who. [Milk]

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  1. You should all get her book, it's a great read! She goes into her relationship with the members of 112 in the book and mentions that they have always been tight. This woman is a skilled musician. I always liked Faith, but had so many misconceptions about her. She put it down in this book. I Can't wait for her to come back.
    "Keep the Faith" by Faith Evans, in stores now.

  2. i ve heard your new single and its hot .how do i dget any type of acess to when that song will be released. u are a very big idol to me and we have similarites that u and can relate to , your music makes ame wonder,anticipate,learn to love,helps me accept love,etc. there is so so much more that i can say but there isnt enough time and space but i truly admire you as a beautiful young black woman who is very underrated.

  3. I agree. Faith is incredibly underrated. I hope this happens. And for what it's worth 112 was hot back in the day. What IS IT with Diddy and him f*cking over his groups? artists? I mean, really.


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