Diggin’ In Jazmine Sullivan’s Crates

jazmine_sullivan_sideeye.jpgAs we prepare for the release of Jazmine Sullivan's debut album, Fearless, next Tuesday, I thought it would be groovy to comb through her crates, and I came across this treasure in my magical iTunes folder. It's no secret that before she got her album deal that she had a publishing deal and wrote tunes for others singers. Probably her most famous composition was "Say I" that was sung by Christina Milian. No diss to Miss Milian, but she's lucky that folks didn't hear Jazmine's version first. Eighteen-year-old Jazzy put a hurting on this song with her throaty vocals. It's a trip that her demo sounds a lot better than many people's albums. Thankfully we'll get to hear Sullivan's album soon enough, but in the meantime enjoy her take on her song and get into a live performance from her Black Lily days after the bounce.

Jazmine Sullivan: "Say I"

Jazmine Sullivan [Official][MySpace]
Fearless Available on 9/23 [Amazon]

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6 Responses

  1. Big up's to Soulbounce, because it was actually due to this site that I discovered Jazmine Sullivan. I immediately youtubed her and was blown away. I love this woman's voice and, "Say I" from the crates is amazing. I'm not a fan of C. Milian but this actually a version I would bump. I don't know why it took labels so long to sign her. She can write and sing. Now if Butta, would be so kind as to let me know where I can get this version of "Say I" for myself I would appreciate it!

  2. Ms. Milian aint the only one. Beyonce better be glad Jazzy's rendition of "resentment" fell only on a few ears, because she definitely blew that one out of the park as well. I also love her cover of "Prototype", but my absolute fav by her is "in love with another man" and "'Round Midnight". The girl just turns everything to gold.

  3. She sang the hell outta that song. I can't wait for 9/23/08!

  4. I've been pumpin this tune for what feels like donkeys years, this girl brings the goods no doubt. I'm sorry but Christina Milian can only dream of doing a song as good as this, good on CM ofr doing her thing though, but I'm not a fan. Jazmine gave this song that energy it needed and with her fabulous vocals, no one can touch her version. I know someone who likes both Christina and Beyonce, both have been shown up by Jazmine. Her versions of both 'Say I' and 'Resentment' are the dogs nuts.
    She did an amazing job of 'Prototype' as well. This giel is just amazing, it's about time she's got her own album out, I've been a fan of this girl for what feels like numerous years. Been a fan for a couple of years or so though.
    Oh and dogs nuts is good term, it's a saying here in the UK. lol Thought I'd explain that for if anyone didn't know what I meant. Haha!

  5. I can't wait for her album to be released. She's talented and beautiful.