Diggin’ In Robin Thicke’s Crates

robin_thicke_brown.jpgWith all this recent racial drama surrounding Robin Thicke I'm gonna do something radical right now and talk about the man's music. Imagine that! Regardless of what else is going on, his upcoming CD, Something Else, is one of the most anticipated releases this month. Although we have to wait until the end of the month -- September 30th to be exact -- to get the hot product in our hands, all indications point to it being well worth the wait. While we chill (and enjoy releases from a cavalcade of other artists over the next few weeks), I thought I would dig into my Thicke collection and share this cut that surfaced a couple years ago but never got released, which isn't uncommon but is still a head-scratcher. From what I understand, "In My Dreams" was originally supposed to find a spot on The Evolution of Robin Thicke but for whatever reason it wasn't included. As you'll hear when you press play, Robin straight channels the spirit of Prince on this one -- high heels and all. Being a Prince lover, I actually enjoyed hearing Thicke pay homage to his Purpleness musically and with certain vocal effects. It's unfortunate that the track didn't make Evolution, but it probably wouldn't have fit into the overall tone of the album with its strong '80s vibe. It might have made a good B-side, though. Oh, they don't make those anymore, do they?

Robin Thicke: "In My Dreams"

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5 Responses

  1. Niiice...I dig it!

  2. WOW! Love Prince, diggin' Thicke, He did an excellent job!
    BTW, BadAss Blog!

  3. Congrats on the Black Weblog Award....

  4. His first album is a gem, HIGHLY underrated

  5. Saw Robin perform in a private concert last week. He was phenomenal! Truly a great show. And he is as sexy has he wants to be!


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