Diggin’ In Shanice’s Crates

With the countdown still a fresh memory as well as a reminder of how much we still love the old school, we've been diggin' in the crates all week, looking for some hidden gems from artists that are due for album releases in the near futrue.  Today's subject is Shanice, whom we've talked about here recently, and is hard at work on her next project.  Inspired by Ro's post, we decided to check out the 1995 Panther motion picture soundtrack, where Shanice and the group Female laid down their take on the 1970 Gladys Knight & the Pips classic "If I Were Your Woman."  It seems covers are a Shanice specialty, as she sang her eight year-old behind off to Stephanie Mills' "Home" and competently tackled Minnie Riperton's classic "Lovin' You" on her debut album Inner Child.  On this track, with this cover, it's at the 1:50 mark where you can tell she gets comfortable, hitting her first run.  From then on, she owns the song, placing her in the elite company of those who covered the song with success.  A short list of one: Mills.  Enjoy this, and stay tuned as we continue diggin' in the crates for more hidden gems.

Shanice feat. Female: "If I Were Your Woman"

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    She allways had a great voice but never had that "star quality"...what ever the hell that is.
    Babyface used her for a number of years to sing backround vocals on alot of his productions... Tony Braxton etc.

  2. Shanice is definitely one of the best voices around today she has the quality of the divas of yesterday and the youthfulness relevant for today's youth. Shanice vocal is top-notch, I am living in confusion as to how and why Motown did not push Her more, and why Laface refused to promote Her album the same way they did for Toni Braxton? It's like it's a conspiracy for Her to remain out of the spotlight. Well Shanice is now in control of Her DESTINY (Her own label) and I believe She is ready to show to the world what She has; hope the world ready for Her, because this Girl can sing Mariah straight into the abyss, and when it comes to range, Whitney would listen in awe. SHANICE IS SIMPLY GREAT!


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