DJ Stylus & Phonte Cut Up ‘In The Artist’s Studio’

For those of you fortunate to witness Phonte and Zo! perform live in Washington D.C. last week at the "Inside The Artist's Studio" event, you were treated to something genuinely special. Not only was Phonte in rare form by showcasing his comedic skills while being interviewed by DJ Stylus, but he also performed grown-man style and brought the sexiness to being grown by showing up in a suit à la supper club style. Ever wondered Phonte's preferences regarding Freddie Jackson  vs. Jermaine Jackson, Debbie Allen vs. Phylicia Rashad, or wangs vs. ribs? The answers are all below after you press play. And because we love you, there's a little something special after the clip.

"In the Artist's Studio" featuring Phonte performing "Daykeeper"

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4 Responses

  1. I'm kind of amazed @ Phonte...The Foreign Exchange, Zo! & Tigallo, Gordon Gartrell Radio, Little Brother, and a lot of guest appearances....
    This brotha is really on his grind. And you can tell that it comes from a good place, not just a 'paper chase' but a genuine love of music in general.
    And everything he's doing is actually good (well, IMO of course). I play that F.E. track 'Daykeeper' out! I'm definitely a supporter!

  2. Yes, I was there and the show was amazing. It was more than a treat to be able to be there. I loved it.

  3. I really thought waings vs. ribs would be the stumper.
    Too bad I had to cut my list short.


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