Barack Obama and His Affinity for Hip-Hop

ObamaBrushingthatDirtOffHisShoulder.jpgA few days ago MTV posted an article about Sway speaking with Presidential Candidate Barack Obama about how hip-hop culture affected his life. In it Obama discusses how he missed the curve on being a part of the hip-hop generation and wisely avoids disclosing his pick for Greatest MC of All Time. Aside from the awkward presence of Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, who chuckles along uncomfortably and who's clearly out of his element, the video is fairly harmless. Seeing how MTV was once about music, it makes sense that some questions coming from them would be about the first letter in its acronym. He thoughtfully reflects on his appreciation of the entrepreneurship hip-hop has inspired and diplomatically discusses his hope that its practitioners become more socially-minded. Considering the fact that even as apolitical as much of hip-hop culture has become it still remains a topic of political discourse, it's an interesting move for the potential President of the United States to show love for hip-hop. Watch the video after the bounce.

Sure it's just a brief segment of a larger interview that covers more in-depth issues amounting to little more than a few sound-bites but it does warrant discussion. Some questions:

Since hip-hop has been lambasted in the past by many politicians
regardless of political parties, how risky is it for Obama to show support for hip-hop? Does his tactful appreciation act as
more than just a reciprocal gesture to the hip-hop artists and enthusiasts
who've supported him? How so? How important is it to you that he positively recognize hip-hop? Would a white or female counterpart be asked a similar line of questions or be expected to have conversation about their enjoyment of hip-hop? Why or why not?

What are your thoughts?

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3 Responses

  1. It is not important to me that Obama likes hip hop; I care more about his plans for improving the country. And no, a white politician would not be asked their opinion on hip hop because it would be assumed that they don't listen to it.

  2. I would prefer that Obama steer clear of hip hop. I'm not saying that the people who support hiphop dont matter and he shouldn't pander to that section of our community, but I kinda feel like most people who DO listen to hip hop, IF they plan on voting, they've already chosen Obama anyway.
    And to be honest, hip hop doesnt have the greatest image nationally, so why even acknowledge it at such a critical time as this? *shrug*
    This is not like Michael Phelps saying that he listens to Lil' Wayne to get pumped up before he swims.
    But I think he handled it well.
    It is hard for me to not laugh at Sway when he is being serious though lmao

  3. I'm sick of this dude.