Don’t Sleep On Lionel Richie’s ‘Good Morning’

lionel_richie_piano.jpgStop yawning and wipe the sleep outta your eyes, folks. Lionel Richie is back. I said stop yawning! Yes, I understand that new millennium Lionel is a far cry from the man who funked up the joint on cuts like "Lady (You Bring Me Up)" and "Machine Gun" with The Commodores in the '70s. He's been in the Pop/Soul-lite lane for over two decades now, so it's safe to say that he's probably gonna stay there. Although on his last album, Coming Home (2006), he collaborated with Raphael Saadiq and Dallas Austin and went for a more contemporary R&B sound, which ended up being a good look. There's no denying that Lionel is still churning out good music -- whatever the genre. A new song has recently surfaced that finds him swinging the pendulum back in the Pop direction with a Rock edge. The piano-driven "Good Morning" showcases Lionel's vocals while he sings about every morning being a good morning when he wakes up next to his woman. This doesn't have the soul of "Easy" from the olden days, but it's a good track for these days nonetheless. [H/T: BMF]

Lionel Richie: "Good Morning"

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3 Responses

  1. Cant front Lionel is a song writing God, someone should lock Jaheim in a room with Lionel so he can start making real music and not that fake thug love BS. That said people forget how great an artist Lionel is, the only album at the time to out sell his "cant slow down album" was Mikes thriller album.

  2. I am one of the LRichie believers, because he is a certified hitmaker. But the overdone rhythm on this song isn't making it for me. Too ordinary. This is a man who made ghetto folks start singing the very countrified "Stuck On You." I hope the rest of his new CD has him pushing the boundaries a bit more.

  3. well done to lionel another hit lovely song never lets us fans down xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx