Paging Faith Evans!

faith-369638.jpgDon't hold your breath for any new material from Faith Evans. Basically, she's been doing everything but recording music, and that's the way things will remain for a little longer, she tells SoulTracks. She's no longer signed to Capitol Records, on which she released The First Lady and A Faithful Christmas in 2005, and there's no love lost. "I actually don't even want to be on a label, I love owning myself and being able to do what I want to do: if I want to record with someone, I don't have to get it approved by anybody, nobody else has to be paid a part of it, you know what I mean? It was actually God's divine order, because I wanted to be released, and I didn't have to battle to make it happen." Faith has been keeping herself busy raising four kids, consulting on the Notorious film and newly becoming an "authoress." But selfish fans like myself want some new material; the game needs more grown woman music -- desperately. File this one under "A Not-So Soulful Noise." [ST]

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  1. well that was kinda depressing to read, as a huge fan of her music. i can understand not wanting to be on a label because of all the politics, but i think for someone like Faith Evans, it is necessary. perhaps not a major label, but the independent route. maybe something just smaller-scale. i'd love to see her work with Artistry (Rahsaan's label), or even Hidden Beach, Verve Forecast, or the resucitated Stax. there's a good fit for Faith out there, but she needs to explore all the avenues before she gives up on labels.

  2. @dar: Ooh, if Faith were on Hidden Beach, that would be a coup! I think her voice would work well with their sound. Besides, she needs a makeover in terms of her sound anyway.

  3. Oh...I think you two (Dar and Nikki) are right on with Hidden Beach! it would great for her to be with tour with Jilly and 'em....

  4. This was a good interview! I read the book in a day, very insightful into early Faith, Bad Boy, beefs. Still can't believe she didn't really profit from her first album for 10 years because of Mary J. wanting to be taken off of the record...crazy!
    I'd heard she was no longer signed to Capitol, hopefully she does make her way back to recording somehow, somewhere, sometime in the near future. Faith is dope!
    I dig her much if you couldn't tell...

  5. Faith could totally do an independent album and have it be a hit. Her fan base is strong and would totally support her. Tamia went the indie route with her last album and it was her best ever. Same thing could happen to Faith.
    However, if she does decided to find herself in a label situation again,I wouldn't agree that Hidden Beach would be a good fit. They're a little too neo-soulish/urban adult contemporary than she is. But I can definitely see her wrecking shop on a label like Stax. They have quickly become the home to some serious singers (Lalah, N'dambi, Angie Stone) and Faith would fit in rather nicely with their flavor.

  6. @Butta: True, but maybe that's what Faith needs is that Nu Soul fever. She's done the New Jill thing, so it's time to flip the script.

  7. @Nikki
    Perhaps Faith could do Nu Soul, but it's not her. I can see her really putting a hurting on some old soul sounding records. No, she doesn't need to jump on the throwback bandwagon, but she needs to showcase her voice on some solid, meaty material the next go round. A hot beat be damned.

  8. Yeah, I rather not want Faith to jump on the bandwagon.Faith is probably the only singer I have all of her albums.Faith don't really get credit for what she done.The girl is bad!I guess I keep listening to those albums to she decides to bless our ears with some soulful music.

  9. I LOVE Faith. I got her book the 1st day released and enjoyed every page. I do neeed a new record fix but she needs a company that's going to really look out for her.

  10. Faith is underrated. She writes, sings, produces, and arranges-who does that? I agree with Butta she does not seem to be a good fit for HB. Throughout Faith's career she has always had to compete with somebody- Mary, Biggie, Diddy and because of that I believe her talent was never showcased properly or promoted. Crucify me if you must, but her biggest problem has been the Mary comparisons, who she is more talented than and a better singer. I love Mary but the strength of her career was built upon being the beneficiary of the coinage of the term hiphop soul (she nor puffy are the originators of the sound, but both are arguably the biggest beneficiaries of it). Whereas Mary had to grow and evolve to be more than Hip Hop Soul, I feel Faith from the beginning was more in the mold of a traditional church bred turned R&B singer. Let me be clear, Faith can sing hook and ride a hiphop beat harder than anybody, but to me her albums have been straight R&B. Throughout the course of her career Faith has done it all-R&B, hip hop soul, rap, neo soul, and the retro throwback sound. In my opinion it is that Faith needs to be at label where she is pushed first.

  11. Faith is one of the most under-appreciated, under-recognized artists out there, and one of the greatest vocalists of our generation. That may sound hyped up, but if you listen to the way she styles her vocals, and sheer beauty of it, across all her albums... I love this artist, and I hope she comes back soon... she is my #1 favorite female vocalist (besides maybe Lauryn Hill, and Whitney, both of whom went and jumped on the crazy wagon and left me in the cold, but I still love 'em).
    I agree, Hidden Beach would be a great look...

  12. @ j
    Couldn't have stated it any better myself. Truly an accurate description of Faith's career IMO