‘Get Up’ Then Get Down With Mary Mary

Fresh from mentioning Mary Mary and their oh-so-hot new single a couple days
ago, a video is now available for the song for our viewing pleasure. In the clip, we are treated to scenes of Erica and Tina Campbell singing and strutting their stuff around while a dance battle/audition is happening. With its high-octane dancing, this video is like Fame Got Served Flashdance, with the exception of the female lead in the video being fully clothed. Remember, this is a gospel song.
Oh what a feeling!

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6 Responses

  1. For that much build-up I thought she was gonna do windmills and other impressive, acrobatic b-girl stuff. Hmph. The video's allright, but that song's damn infectious. Been stuck in my head for days!

  2. OHHHHHHHHH I love the track, the message and the images. MaryMary always gives you something goood for your soul. I am going listen again and then Im going Get up! peace

  3. the video is a little boring. it doesn't match the intensity of the song. it's still a jam!

  4. Sorry but this aint gospel.........Gospel is "precious lord take my hand" this new age, club sounding crap is disgraceful, you can candy coatit anyway you want but if it aint what my grandmama and nem use to sang on Sunday's then it aint gospel:) there's a simple test play this in front of your grand parents, iask them if this is gospel:) God bless

  5. @ stoney: That's like saying my Bible For Kids wasn't a Bible because it was colorful and had pictures and was generally delivered in a format that was more palatable to me than the traditional. Oh, and also, I still learned a lot about how great Jesus is. Who'da thunk it?
    Oh, and if anyone is asking themselves did I just compare Mary Mary's music to a Bible For Kids, I totally just did.

  6. Stoney Gospel is what the bible aka the word aka Jesus Christ says it is. Anything else is an idol.
    And your grandma's music if Mahalia is included in that mix was once considered non gospel & a disgrace. Judge it by the lyrics not the style of music. Now we can get it in on some Mary Mary songs that are NOT and do not reflect the true Gospel as with many gospel artist of this time yet again same as grandma's music it's solid or not based on the word of God not man.
    And that's not a dart at Mary Mary concerning untruths, if anything it reflects a need for growth (at least I hope) that we all who are truly Christians experience, the Holy Spirit will indeed do the perfecting.