How Many Mary J. Blige’s Can You Fit In A Chevy?

Last night I was watching VH1's 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs countdown
and during one of the commercial breaks I caught Mary J. Blige's newest commercial for Chevrolet. This time around MJB is riding around with her girls in a shiny new Chevy Traverse with her very first release "Real Love" playing on the radio. But these aren't any just any old girls Blige is sitting on chrome with -- there are a carload of Mary's in the whip representing the singer at various stages in her life/career. Despite having to pay for gas, 2008 Mary is smiling behind the wheel, while sullen My Life Mary is riding shotgun. Reflective Breakthrough Mary is behind the driver and don't-want-no-hateration-everybody-dancerie Mary is kicking it in the back next to what looks like "Not Gon Cry" Mary although I couldn't really make her out. But my favorite Mary -- the happy, young, fresh-faced, hat to the back having, Hockey jersey rocking, mini-skirt and big black boot wearing What's the 411? Mary -- is the last to get picked up and when she enters the vehicle she daps her future selves up and off they go. When current Mary stops the car to unload some luggage I wondered if she was making the space for yet another Mary, but instead she offloaded the bags onto the curb during a voiceover that said: "The space to take everything with you. The wisdom to leave the baggage behind." Well played, Chevrolet. Well played.

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10 Responses

  1. Love It!! and who better than Mary for this commercial, with an amazing career and the baggage that we know she has accumulated over that time.

  2. Well done! Smart, clever and All Mary.

  3. That's brills. Tracks her stylistic evolution, echoes her own personal growth, sells the car as something for the mature set who probs have kids now and need the space. Nice job, Madison Ave.
    Also, kudos to Mary for stayin healthy and sexy. I don't know if I could believably pull off (read:FIT) looks from a decade ago.

  4. Sister J. Blige.....she has come a looooong way.

  5. I know I'm pregnant and everything, but this actually brought a tear to the corner of my eye.
    I've been following Mary since the beginning, looking for a real love, claiming no more drama, and being just fine.
    The commercial was as fitting a tribute to her evolution as a commercial can be. Makes me want to go out and buy a chevy. Well, if it weren't for the recession and all...

  6. That commerical was on point and yea, I think that was Not gonna Cry Mary

  7. Cute! I know that's right MJB, do it up.-QH

  8. I love this commercial!! great point....

  9. I think i saw "rainy days" mary behind "411 mary" too...

  10. This commercial is HAAHT!


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