Janelle Monáe Shows Us ‘Many Moons’

What's so fantastic about Janelle Monáe is that she manages to flesh out the creativity in her music without sacrificing any of its wildly fantastical elements. Even though the back-story is complicated, the music is enjoyable even without having to take Metropolis 101. That said, the video for "Many Moons" supplements her vision of a futuristic world amazingly well. In it Cindi Mayweather performs at the chic Metropolis Annual Android Auction with more energy than the electric organ and punching drums backing her. There are some cameos (was that Big Boi as Sir Lucious Leftfoot?), but mostly it's Monáe as multiple stylish robots. It's a great deal of fun to watch her android alter-ego work herself to the point of transcendence/malfunction-- and boy can she move. "Many Moons" is a gloriously high concept, sleek, futuristic good time.


10 Responses

  1. I've been waiting for this!! I really hope she's able to get the other suites out before The Curse of The Bad Boy takes effect. =)

  2. I absolutely adore Janelle. I wish her the best and I plan on getting that album most def!

  3. I'm really late to getting to know about her. In fact, I'm sure i wouldn't have heard about her (or lots of other great, but obscure artists) if it weren't for SoulBounce.! She's definitely different---very Andre3000 different. She must have some affialaition with Outkast though becuase BigBoi did make the cameo and wasn't she in their Morris Brown video too? Plus, she says OutKAst in this song. Definitely unique...but I wonder if she'll sell here? Especially if she's on BadBoy...Puff isn't good about helping other artists. She's seems like she'll do well in Europe though- they tend to like all types and are more open minded....for example, they support Kelis much more than we do here unfortunately.

  4. Ack! Did the video get cut off? I was so into it I wanted to see the whole thing. Love the song, dig the vid (was that The Haitian from "Heroes" doing a cameo?), need this album.

  5. FINALLY, the mainstream can get a sip of this woman's badassness!!! Although I don't think many are ready for how raw she is, I'm sooooo glad she has a video out now. She did the "Moonwalk" FORWARD...Get it, J!!!!

  6. This is my favorite song by her (which is even better live). Being a fan for over a year now I agree with MuseSik, I hope that the other suites come out because I love the concept/story behind the cd.

  7. Interesting video. Very refreshingly different.
    I bought that EP that came out. Probably won't be checking for anything else though. I listened to it once and that was it. However, I hope everything turns out OK, Cindi.

  8. Me Thinks I Be Luvin Her. She Arouses my Synaptic Nerve Endins.
    Please dont fade away into the BadBoy Abyss.

  9. SOULBOUNCE-DOT-ROCKDATSH*T!!! That's love! Thanks for post, JM... she is amazing, ablazing, hair raising. um i really dig her. My little kiddies go nuts when I put her on. We blast it and have a good old fashion full fledge family dance around the house! Just like when we were kids and Mama blew the dust off the J-5 'Rockin Robin!'

  10. It's funny seeing his interaction with her. She was on his "I wanna work for Diddy" show and he really caters to her which you rarely see him do with anyone. I still think she was better off staying indie.