Let’s Pretend This Whole VIBE/Thicke Thing Never Happened

young-jeezy-vibe-cover-august-08.jpgBut first an apology. I was so unfair to VIBE last week when we were discussing the Robin Thicke nontroversy. My willingless to go after them so hard had nothing to do with VIBE specifically, but moreso my mounting frustration with and distrust of these magazines that once moved culture but now, don't so much, and really don't seem to try. Just my perception. But there have been good folks at VIBE nonetheless, that I love, respect or admire and have supported. With that in mind, I humbly take the L and apologize for saying "VIBE is full of sh*t." Bad nOva!

Now, you're probably wondering why, out of all the VIBE covers I could've chosen for this post, did I use the Jeezy one? VIBE E-I-C Danyel Smith has released a statement on the whole Thicke debacle and uses the appearance of Young Jeezy as an example of how a VIBE cover is a milestone in any artist's career. Yes, the VIBE Magazine of 2008 and that Young Jeezy. Keep reading.

"We have a great deal of respect for Robin Thicke and his music, and we remain flattered by his desire to be on a VIBE cover. A VIBE cover is a huge milestone in any artist's career--recent cover stars include Young Jeezy, Mariah Carey, 50 Cent, Usher, Senator Barack Obama, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Robert De Niro, to say nothing of our 15-year history. We wish Thicke the best, and we're glad he discusses his thoughts on race and R&B in the new October 2008 issue of VIBE."-- Danyel Smith, Vice President & Editorial Director, Vibe Media Group / Editor-in-Chief, Vibe Magazine

What? Were you expecting more? Perhaps there was no point in addressing the entire thing, because maybe she doesn't see the utility in responding to such an outrageous allegation. Maybe someone lied to Thicke, or someone lied on Thicke and he never said it to begin with, or maybe he was high. At any rate, we may never know what really happened and the best thing is to not villify either party. You know how things get all twisted and turned around in the grand convoluted world of media and how much of it serves to bait and manipulate us, the audience.

We're bigger than that.


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  1. I was a charter subscriber to VIBE. I mean I bought the first issue that had Treach on it and signed up right after that...charter subscriber! I LOVED that magazine unitl about 2001......It is so sad that it went so down in production, in covering of topics, in everything....I used to love it, for real, but I couldn't conitne to read it...something jsut changed and I can see how it's conitnuing to change. Robin Thicke certainly could have been on the cover, but okay, if they want to hold out for cultural relevancy, please explain how Young Jeezy fits that bill?!

  2. Avatar

    Vibe's quality started to go down about 4-5 years ago. But man they used to have the exclusives..anyone remember the Jodeci interview or the Pac interviews?

  3. Ciara on is on the cover...NUDE.

  4. Ok. I don't understand their reasoning. Why is Ciara nude on the cover of Vibe? It is pretty tasteful but as a woman that turns me off completely but again, the target audience is men not us.

  5. It isn't about her being nude. I just miss the days that your talent carried the day. You could be ugly as hell but if you could SANG, you were respected. I know ancient history.

  6. I'm sorry but VIBE has been trash since Emil B. Wilbikin left. Mimi Valdes didn't bode well for the magazine and neither has Danyel Smith. Emil brought insightful articles and features to VIBE. Now it's just not that great. I haven't had a subscription in years and don't intend to until a decent editor takes the reigns.

  7. Addendum to my post from yesterday: So Young Jeezy is from a previous month and not October. Ciara made October. Not sure why she wants to show her "goodies" now, but whatever. As I said yesterday, VIBE would not have lost anyhting by havin R.T. on the cover. Not sure why they're taking a stand on that when they have so obviously decided to sit down on other crap....again, I miss the VIBE of old.......


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